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Skill Hunter
Customize and REcustomize stats and skills


Calling all aspiring professional developers

If you are planning to be a professional game developer in the near or far future this question is for you. Especially if you read in school or university level.

What have you done for the dream?
What are you doing for the dream?
What you plan to do for the dream?

Games to make you feel at peace

I did not know games like these existed. Makes me feel really peaceful but at the same time are great games.

Praise to the creator

Tile possible only for events (VX ACE)

Can particular tile be made passible only for events?

If I turn on 'through' on events then they would go through everything.

Minor CSS request

Project Cell

It would be really awesome if I could turn every white background black. That is all I need for now.

How decide font and music for game?

I thought since it was an arcade games it should have arcade music and fonts. Although I found some great 8 bit music, they seem to get annoying in the long run.

First question: Will the game benefit from arcade themed music and font, just because it is in the arcade game genre?

Second question: How should I go about deciding on the music and font?

Very completed event, need to add something

what this event does at its core;
if switch type1 is ON
turn type1 is OFF
choose random variable from 0 to 1
if random variable is 0
turn switch type2 ON
if random variable is 1
turn switch types3 ON

if switch type2 is ON
turn type2 is OFF
choose random variable from 0 to 1
if random variable is 0
turn switch type1 ON
if random variable is 1
turn switch types3 ON

if switch type3 is ON
turn type3 is OFF
choose random variable from 0 to 1
if random variable is 0
turn switch type2 ON
if random variable is 1
turn switch types1 ON

what the switches does is makes a specific type of point collectible
if switch type1 is ON then point type1 is collectable, and so on

but I need to stop the event from turning switch type* on if point type* have been collected 10 times. if point type1 has been collected 10 times then it wont turn switch type1 ON anymore.

Would be easy if the whole thing was not randomized. But it is, after 5 points of any type is collected the event chooses a switch type* to be turned on which is not already turned on, if switch1 is on it would either turn switch2 or 3 ON. So there is no telling which food type* would be collected for the 10th time first.

How to customize public profile for games?

Talking about banners under download button and looping background images and such.

Trying to randomize event position. Does not work.

I have got few events with move route random and with highest frequencies and speed. It was set up so that the events would scatter themselves all across the map, and a switch will make them static again.

But it does not work. All of the events ends up at the bottom of the map all huddled together.

more info: the map I am testing on is really small, 9x9 passable tiles. and inisially all events in question are initially at different ends of each map

Need help with project management

I am going nuts. MS Offics is just not cutting it. I could really use good project management software and tips. Using RPG Maker VX Ace if its any help. Googling is not helping.

I need:
Easily make connections ie should be able to tell at a glance which switches are included in which events, which event is carried out next and maybe even why and etc.
Make detailed lists ie process descriptions and stuff

I do not need:
Online Collaboration Capabilities
Beuty unless it makes things better i.e. more readible

Thanks in advance.. SAVE ME.. SAVE ME

After over 600 download my game wont downlaod.

It shows a file size of 0 bytes. Shud i jst reupload