I'm a young fool and I make games via RM. I enjoy game mechanics and theories, especially new graphical experiments. I'm a master chip splicer and I draw my own resources as well. Teaching myself how to digitally paint via PS, after pixeling for several years.
Monstrous Wars
3 Gods created the World. Now their souls are destroying it!



Rm2k3 Plugin Tiles

All you have to do to achieve this is use dummy tiles. What that means is you use multiple of the SAME tile on a chipset. (For example 2 identical "grass tiles") One you use for the switch, the other you use as regular tiles.

Now of course this depends on how much disposable space you have on the chipset. Some context here would help. What exactly are you trying to do?

[DynRPG Plugin] DynModeSeven

Get Game Maker Studio Standard for Free

OK I got it. There was a crazy couple hour lag on the emails.

Get Game Maker Studio Standard for Free

I tried 3 different emails. It says it sent me a key but it doesn't. Nothing in spam/trash folders. When I try to use the recover thing it also says it sends an email but doesn't, even when info@yoyogames is added to contacts.

The only emails I get from them are saying my email has already been registered...when obviously I just tried to register it for the first time.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Last of Us.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Some mockups I did for an indie game called "Alacrity Mission."

Had a lot of fun designing the tiles/environments.

Rhythos RPG Builder - a Free and Open Source Dev Tool

Can you show us what the coding interface looks like? You said it was kind of like rm2k3's event/command coding, but could be edited raw if needed and I'm curious how that translates/looks like. Could is also mean that by imitating the code of Rm2k3 games, that you could recreate the same game as a sort of port?

Rhythos RPG Builder - a Free and Open Source Dev Tool

This looks cool, a few thing though:

-I don't like how it's open source, because anyone can rummage through and steal all your resources. The counter-argument to this is that there's always a way and those who are determined will steal anyway, but it'd be nice to have some layers of security, especially if you're paying for unique assets/expertise. You can still contribute to the community without people pillaging your game. I'd advocate an option to make it open or locked.

-Why are the stretch goals more assets and not actual features? What are your backup plans if the goal is not met? Do we still get the engine in some form?

Anyway, I'm a pixel artist and could possibly donate graphics for the expansion or the main repertoire, I specialize in environmental tile-sets but can do sprite/animations as well.

A Tamagotchi-Like game? Lol?

Carius made a game like that with DE. I don't remember what it was called though and it's not on his gamepage. It might have been called slimes.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

We would call that NPA (not pixel art) because you're using all sorts of photoshop effects. (Gradients, smoothed lines, transparency, etc.) Traditional pixel art is all hand drawn, each pixel placed with purpose. The lines that are hand drawn are jaggy. The sea has some line-hugging banding when it fades to the sky. Also the colors make it look flat even with the forced perspective, because of the lack of contrast/variation in the pallet.

I do get a sort of cel-shaded wind waker vibe from it though. Is that what you're going for? There are some great examples of this on if so.