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Does anyone remember GamingGroundZero? (Remembering GamingGroundZero)

Quite a remarkable trip down memory lane, this thread is.

Old/Lost RpgMaker Games - SegNin's Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

Evania Secret of the Reza (old version)

I believe I have this, I uploaded it to my locker for anyone willing to see if it's the right one. =V

[Poll] Does RPG Maker net have low engagement rate?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, basically it's what gives webpages all its nice colors, pictures, fonts, and other such stuff. RMN lets you write your own CSS for your game pages to better present your game.

[Poll] Does RPG Maker net have low engagement rate?

Why can't you just buy it? It's not that expensive, it really isn't with all the work I've put into it. I put it on sale too every now and then, it was on sale on the anime weekend and was 2,99$.

I mean absolutely no offense when I say this, but seeing the seller of a given merchandise say that doesn't come off that well for prospective players and customers. Having a price tag is fine, but you need to justify that purchase beyond saying "it's cheap!". That lack of justification, or in other words marketing, is what appears to be the problem judging from Halibabica's posts.

Seriously, how many times has a demo made you go "WHOA I want to buy this game" instead of "I don't want to buy this game"?

Quite a few times actually. Nowadays with Let's Plays and video reviews from trustworthy sources like TotalBiscuit being the norm there is much less practicality for demos, but back in the good old days I played demos of games like Age of Empires II and absolutely craved for the full thing.

In the absence of the industry doing the marketing for you, a demo is in my opinion one of the best ways to let potential customers see if they can justify that purchase.

[Poll] Do you prefer IRC, Slack or Discord?

IRC. Simple and effective. Clients are not forced to look like aliens under a Windows Explorer GUI, as is the case with Slack/Discord. Discord also refuses Windows XP support, screw that noise.

If people want to shut down IRC, I'll just keep on managing it myself on the side. It's low maintenance and there are still people that use it.

Why aren't you fuckers in IRC?

IRC, or Internet Relay Chat, is a chat protocol developed in 1988. It is older than the World Wide Web which most people consider as the "internet".

Besides its use for general purpose chat, IRC has also influenced subsequent newer chat protocols and programs such as Discord and Slack in design and features and is also used to facilitate game chatting features (Warframe's in-game chats utilize an IRC backend).

Design wise the protocol is rather simple and is meant to be used (normally) in a distributed layout with multiple IRC servers connecting to each other to form an IRC network to which the users connect to. This means IRC is fairly strong against individual servers crashing or otherwise becoming unreachable, since the network itself will usually stay up from the other servers.

Individual IRC servers can serve users on its own as well. For example, if RMN were to host its own IRC server it wouldn't be part of any network, it would be just by itself, since there wouldn't be a need for multiple servers.

Why aren't you fuckers in IRC?

IRC has Nickserv, a network service bot that handles username registrations and logging in to them, so it's not all anonymous. In particular, you need to be registered to have any automatic voice/operator status given to you and channels can be set to only let registered users in depending on the channel modes active.

Also, it's only "one room" because we only registered one channel. We can register more channels if there is a need for them. Like if we wanted or whatever we can register that to use as well. =V

Though if we ever elect to run multiple IRC channels, it might be easier logistically for RMN to just host its own IRC server rather than using SynIRC.

Why aren't you fuckers in IRC?

You can even have annoying bots spamming in IRC, too. Aren't you happy?

I don't actually recall any coming into our channel, but if one does decide to come in we can smite it down easily enough.

Why aren't you fuckers in IRC?

I used mIRC. It didn't do that. :shrug:

I use mIRC and it does all of the server-connecting, channel-joining and logging-in-with-Nickserv stuff for me because I set it up to do so. Out-of-the-box mIRC and most IRC clients are a blank slate and won't do much of anything without being told, but there are plenty of options and customization to fine-tune the client to specifically what you want or need.

Other stuff most IRC clients support include: Logging, pinging you when someone mentions your name (or any text string for that matter), file transfers (DCC), private messaging, ignoring/blocking users, and more.

mIRC has a scripting functionality too, so you can even get it to power a bot or service of some sort completely autonomously too, should you want it to. Other IRC clients can also perform similarly if they have a scripting functionality as well.


Also, it was brought up earlier that Slack had to disable automatic authentications because of a spammer problem. I'm not sure what Slack has in terms of moderating capabilities, but IRC can handle situations like that relatively well by enforcing either an invite-only mode on the channel (mode +i on the channel), enforcing a registered-users-only mode (mode +r on the channel, if I recall correctly) where anyone who wants to come in needs to be registered with Nickserv, or moderating the entire channel (mode +m on the channel) and allowing only people with voice (+v) or operator rights to speak. Bans can also be placed either very broadly or very specifically depending on what hostmask you choose to ban, too.

Why aren't you fuckers in IRC?

But more importantly, I just think IRC has pretty much lost its appeal to the general consensus. Heck, hardly anyone in my country uses IRC to communicate, never mind me.

I'll just reference this:

Very good read! I agree with a lot of its points, especially social networking killing IRC's primary role of empowering quick and accessible socializing and spread of information. Best tool for the job, as the saying goes, and if Twitter and the like prove better for most people then it is what it is.

As for me though, I've never used (and refuse to use) any form of social networking, so I still use IRC as my primary way of getting news about what goes on in the world. I can't stand the noise and general stupidity social networking emits, IRC seems to have a natural way of weeding most of that out.

Freenode having an uncomparable boost in numbers is also understandable, since IRC has always catered to the geek and engineers like I mentioned before. Open source projects are absolutely filled with them, so it's natural that Freenode being home to a lot of channels for such projects would see this increase with the decline or demise of other networks. I'm not really surprised the numbers show this.