I'm a novice at using RPG Maker
I'm a fan of RPG's like Final Fantasy:6,4,8,10 and Mystic Quest. There's also Lufia and the Fortress of Doom, Chrono Trigger/Cross and more.
Lufia Trinity
A Lufia game that takes place during an age when the Sinistrals are forgotten






that's awesome


I think that your sprites are awesome


They really are! I'm customizing soo many of them. I've been on Fire lately, so if you guys love what I did with the Alligator you'll really like the others.


I wish that I could take ALL the credit. I just customized it from TLR.


Wow! Thanks! I guess I'll get to work on the others


I fully agree, upper management jumps in waay too much. The artists/developers are supposed to pull viewers/players into that world and keep them immersed.

IF Square-Enix wanted to make a good Lufia game, they would hire developers/artists
that are also Fans of the series. AND the developing team remembers the game during that gaming era.

Did Sega Not step out of the way and let Sonic Mania get made? Easily, one of their better decisions in the last 10 years. LOL

Anyway, I've decided to complete a task for Lufia Trinity every Saturday. I'll keep you guys updated whenever something major happens.


Oh yeah, any time that I see a Lufia fangame in the works - I’m definitely excited for it! It’s better than what Square-Enix gives us nowadays when it comes to the Lufia series, lol.

I hear that. Lol 1 of the best things about Fangames is that they tend to capture exactly what made the series loveable in the 1st place. It's not about the money or hype, it's about the game. Gaming companies seem to disregard that.


I only intended to animate the Special/Boss battles.
LOL I'll admit the background is kind of cool. It's inspired by an FOD cave. I haven't taken it seriously until you complimented it.
As for the dual techniques, it'll be pointless to call me out on it. There were dual spells in FF4 & FF9 as well.

I know that ROS is the face of Lufia, but to be honest Lufia FOD is where my heart is. I'm more inspired by it. It is THE RPG game that got me to take RPG games more seriously. We go way back LOL

I've customized some monster sprites from TLR, When I showed them to other users they were Pumped. They said "Oh F--k yeah, dude". Lol
I appreciate that you're excited about the game, it encourages me to keep it going.