Mica: Apoptosis
A horror game about delusions, blissful ignorance, and the depraved acts that humans do in the name of love.



Mica: Apoptosis

Hi guys! So all that AnimeGirl quoted is true - I am currently in the midst of trying to remake the parts that I lost, and the game is still in progress! Thanks so much for the patience and support!

Rise of the Third Power

Excited! I can't seem to tell which one is Arielle - is she the redhead?

Mica: Apoptosis

Heya! :) I included a .txt file with full credits in the game folder, and the full game will have a proper credits sequence. Thanks for the heads up though, I'll definitely make it more prominent next time!

Can you let me know which ones were yours by the way by PM? I think I might have accidentally credited someone else instead who posted a few sets online (but who might not have been the one to make them). Thanks!

Luxaren Allure

Congrats for the GOTY Unity!!! <3

Six Rules

I wish it had two ending like a good end and a bad end. :o But the game was beautiful I loved the art and the music *^*

Thanks for your suggestion! :) I've considered that but I can't seem to be able to think up of a second ending without it feeling extraneous and gratuitous, so I decided to stick only with one, and added the Another View as a bonus to get more of an idea of a different perspective!

Mica: Apoptosis

i love this too much

I love you too pikachuu <3

Ara Fell

Is it just me, or did Baramon and Doren get a makeover? This is so exciting!

Dear Mariko


I don't quite get why the first thought of any loss or bad event happening is to "get back at her", grabbing a knife and being out to kill someone. I know it's an animu thing to do, and happening a lot in horror .. still seems so odd.

Hmm I see what you mean! If I ever upload a next version, I'll change the bad ending to

simply stop at a game over before the red splatter shows, like Miryafa suggested. Thanks for the suggestion!

Dear Mariko

Hmm I understand fully why it'll be confusing! I might make some changes in a mext release. Currently yup there's meant to be a time gap between the intro and the main story though - just not too sure how to make that apparent, heh. There's a plot related reason for this, which is why I can't just simply change it unfortunately.

A clearer official explanation below the cut:

The formal timeline is as follows:
-> Darien is being endlessly stalked and harassed by Shinku, but doesn't tell Mariko
-> Mariko is determined to find out what's going on (Intro)
-> Mariko finds out about Shinku and her stalking and is extremely frightened and defensive of Darien. (In Crystallised Latitude it's shown that she did approach the police about it, but they ended up chasing after the wrong culprit all this while.)
-> Mariko carries around a knife to defend herself.
-> She comes home looking for Darien, but finds a letter instead telling her he's left her. She breaks down and is determined to get back at the stalker.

I understand that in a 5 minute long story, this timeline can't really be as clear as it otherwise should've. But for the sake of following with this timeline, I can't exactly change things other than to make the timeline more apparent in hindsight. It's not that I'm defensive to changes or critique - it's always very welcome to know what confuses players that I'll probably have to keep in mind - it's just that in the current situation I'm not sure if the kind of changes you're suggesting can be kept within this canon timeline.

Hope that helps! :)

Dear Mariko

Hiya Miryafa! Thanks for the comments. Spoilers below the cut:

Hoping to explain a few things here :)
- Just to be clear, the game was always created with the full plot in mind. It's too short a game for me to suddenly want to pull something off halfway through, and it's made just in 3 days.
- There are several hints foreshadowing who Shinku is (in fact quite a few, that I've received a few complaints saying that the twist is way too obvious, heh), such as the fact that she doesn't like the flowers in the house and neither does Darien (so only Mariko would like them), Mariko's bed stinks, and she responds to Darien's letter about his 'stalker' with "so that's how you really feel".

As for the game itself:
- The introduction is from Mariko's point of view. The scene switches to Shinku after, and remains so. The intro won't make sense from Shinku's point of view, since the intro's protagonist is clearly Darien's real girlfriend and is trying to figure out what's wrong.
- Mariko from the introduction is from a while ago, and she is determined to find out who Darien's stalker is (the timeline will be clearer in the sequel, Crystallised Latitude).
- Mariko was fiddling with the stuck doorknob before she came in, not knocking. Can understand if the sound effects were ambiguous though- that was the best I could find heh.
- Mariko has been living knowing her boyfriend's been stalked and she herself has been endlessly harassed and threatened by this point. She feels a need to arm herself, but I do understand that it seems weird for her to go stabby. I'll fix that to be more ambiguous.
- Hopefully the real Mariko will be clearer personality-wise in the sequel!

Thanks for the comments - really appreciate them! :)
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