Mica: Apoptosis
A horror game about delusions, blissful ignorance, and the depraved acts that humans do in the name of love.




Did I mention just how much I like Nash's new sprite hahahaha.


Posted a blog post on the possible release! :) Would love to hear what you think.


Sadly no, but there might be an update to the game with new stuff! I might put up a poll on Tumblr to see what people think of it though, but might be asking for a second round of beta testers soon!


Thanks guys! :D Stay tuned, there might be a major update to the game coming up!


Well, I certainly can think some stuff around my house smells bad even without a good reason for it^^

Hahaha yeah. :P I was actually thinking

if Shinku repeatedly criticising everything Mariko chose around the house was a bit obvious (especially if you check Mariko's bed, and she downright says that it stinks), but I guess it can be kind of normal. In hindsight, maybe I shouldn't have tried to restrain myself on the foreshadowing, haha.


Why does she think everything in her house smells bad? Her bed, the closet and you if were able to go into the bathroom in the game she would probably say the toilet smelled bad too XD

That's actually foreshadowing. :P Was hoping somebody could pick that up...

She thinks they smell bad, because they smell like Mariko. And you hate Mariko, for obvious reasons.


Or are you? *dun dun dun*


Thank you. :D It's not my art though - I've gotten a new artist to take on this project, so I can finally focus on just writing and programming.


I'll see if I can redo it then. :) Thanks for the reviews!


I thought about going for something more conceptual at first, but scrapped the idea because I wanted a more shiny and less gritty title screen. The theme of the story is about grittiness beneath the pretty, after all (which also explains the sudden shift in the logo). :)

Thanks for the advice! I really appreciate it :D
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