Mica: Apoptosis
A horror game about delusions, blissful ignorance, and the depraved acts that humans do in the name of love.



Question about one of the buzzing games...

I'm not that fussed about whether or not they're negative reviews, I'm just wondering if there is some kind of bug or problem involved. If so, an admin should know.

Question about one of the buzzing games...

I was thinking it was a site bug, that's why I put the notification here, but I don't see any other games being affected. It could be hacking, I suppose, which I think the admins should look into immediately.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Popping one here for fun! Many thanks to LOS's execution charset. :D

Question about one of the buzzing games...

I was surfing for games to play and I chanced upon this one, titled "Konstandin":

I was immediately curious because it shows that it has 5 stars and 4 reviews, but when I tried to read the reviews I realized there was no "reviews" tab at all. So I went and typed in and found four reviews, all with 5 stars, but they are all critical reviews titled things like "Ill thought-out" or said to be "poorly thought-out" or a "rip-off". Just to be sure, I searched online for "Konstandin reviews" and found the "Ill thought-out" review under latest reviews, and that one says 1 star and not 5.

I was very confused, and finally I decided to submit it here because if it's a bug, it'll be better for the admins to know quickly. Thanks!

Deleted Review

Can someone explain why all the reviews say 5 stars but are clearly critical reviews? Also why is the reviews tab gone from the main page? I don't understand.

Mica: Apoptosis

Thank you for all your support! It's inspired by Saya no Uta to some extent, yes, but I won't call it a cosmic horror. Hope that answers your question! ^^


Hmm, thanks. I'll see what I can do, but it'll probably be very limited lol since it's a gift art piece.

Six Rules Review

Thanks for the review. I really appreciate it. :) And yep, I guess I could've just described it as a Japanese deconstruction of Romeo and Juliet, but that would've just spoiled it, heh.


Hahaha, that sounds pretty interesting, but isn't really the effect I'm trying to get at, so thanks for telling me. I've tried altering the guy's expression. Does it still give off that feel?

What measure is a non-human?