Mica: Apoptosis
A horror game about delusions, blissful ignorance, and the depraved acts that humans do in the name of love.



Bunch of simple Frankensprites and Recolors

*Adds +1 to personal awesome score*

If there were a karma system here I would've spammed it like crazy. I love you Saya, thank you for such a prompt response! :)

Bunch of simple Frankensprites and Recolors

Yikes, I know this is late and all, but if I could request for a change, can you help me make it such that the grey lolita girl still has the side bangs for her frontal view sprite? Thank you so much!

Bunch of simple Frankensprites and Recolors

OMG Saya you did it all! <3 Thank you so much, I love you! :D

Sorry I can't do the same, since I dropped Physics two years ago. XD"

Bunch of simple Frankensprites and Recolors

Thanks Saya! :)

And if you can change the original cloak to the same dark blue, then I won't mind. :)

Bunch of simple Frankensprites and Recolors

Yeah, again I am a complete noob at spriting so I need some serious help. I'll greatly appreciate it if you could do just one of the following requests!

1: Man in blue cloak
I'll need a frankensprite with the head of this man:

with an unhooded version of this cloak:

2: Man in blue cloak 2
I'll need this RTP Bartender dude:

in an unhooded version of the cloak in Request 1.

3: Another Kid in blue cloak
Yes, I need lots of blue cloaks today. Many apologies.
I'll need this kid:

In the abovementioned blue cloak. Unhooded as well.

4. Girl in Lolita Dress
I'll need this girl

With her hair colored Silver (white-greyish) and eyes colored reddish, in this dress:

colored completely in black and white (and maybe grey), with the top puffed part of the sleeve colored black and the bottom part of the sleeve colored white/grey, and the rest as you see fit.
And finally, she should be wearing the cap of the girl in this picture:

also colored in completely monochrome colors.
Sorry for this complicated request.

Thanks in advance!

RMXP Frankensprites/Recolors Needed

Thanks everyone! I have no idea how to frankensprite or recolor, so I'll tend to ask for help for these. Hope it wasn't that much of a problem.

RMXP Frankensprites/Recolors Needed

Okay, I need three of them, but you can just pick a few to help me with and I will be very grateful, since I really can't sprite for the life of me:

Request 1: RTP Maid with longer hair.

Specifically, her hair should be something like this:

But still green of course.

Request 2: Little girl sprite with red hair.

Not the orange kind of red. Something more chilli-red. You can use the 3rd civilian girl sprite in the RTP, the one with the longest hair, and recolor the dress to a faded green color.

Request 3: Little boy sprite with turquoise hair:

Preferably using the clothes of the 1st little boy sprite in the RTP. The hair should be recolored to a shade of turquoise similar to this: but a bit more dark blue.

Okay, that'll be all I need. Thanks in advance!

Need Mapping and Tilesets Help

I can't really open the project file of another game, and I don't think I'm very good at mapping, either.

What to do if your Game Submission is denied/pending

... Did mine just get accepted? ._.