Mica: Apoptosis
A horror game about delusions, blissful ignorance, and the depraved acts that humans do in the name of love.



[CLOSED] Secret Santa Sign-Up

Man, too late to join!

[RMXP] Chase scenes

No, just that enemies which I set to "approach" keep doing silly things like getting stuck between tables and all that. I'm using Blizzard's pathfinding script now, but the enemy still gets stuck.

[RMXP] Chase scenes

I'm trying to implement chase scenes done by monsters who aren't, well, dumb and get stuck wherever they go, or stop to smell the roses at some point for no apparent reason. The RMXP "Approach" function can't do it, so I'm trying to use a pathfinding script but I don't know how to let it approach a player that is constantly moving. Help would be appreciated!

Pathfinding script I'm using:

Caterpillar Script for Horror Games?

I'm currently working on a plot-based RPG horror game with many playable characters. Hence, you can rack up a party, but not a huge one since perspective changes often. Still, I was wondering - would having a caterpillar in place in a horror game detract from the horror atmosphere because it looks silly? Should I scrap it? Or should I try to implement a caterpillar script where party members follow you, but not so closely that it looks silly?

Wisao Nominations~

Cutest character: Mary from Dreaming Mary :P Too cute for words.

CSS Help

Alright, thanks a bunch. :)

CSS Help

Yeah I did. XD It seems that no matter what I write in my CSS box, even just an "a" or something, my text background will turn red.

CSS Help

Hmm nope, still doesn't work. /: The text background still turns red no matter what I put there. It only turns back to normal after I remove everything in the CSS box. Thanks though.

CSS Help

Haha yeah that's what I did, but for some reason no matter what happens, the text background turns red, even if none of the colour codes I put there are red.

CSS Help

Hi, I was just fiddling around with the CSS as a total noob with help from the basic CSS guide, and no matter what I add all it does is to change my text background red, which is not what I want to do. Does anyone know how I can change the background color or something? Thanks a bunch!
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