it's really great :)


Hrm. Maybe...

"Huh. I didn't realize this was all connected! So, where does THIS portal lead?"

...or something like that?

hheheh thank you very much for the correctness sir t( ^_^) I'm sorry my english is so bad xDDD


If you're using Windows 7, I suggest going over to and asking for help there. They specialize in Windows 7 and cleaning out any virus-laden computers, best Windows 7 community I know of.

Best of luck cleaning your machine out.

Thank you very much for your suggestion sir :)

Heartache 101 ~Sour into Sweet~

sugoooooiii!!! ^_^


I really apologize guys T_T hontoni gomenasai, I didn't know if would be a virus >_< Ohh God, thankfully sir kentona has deleted my files to stop this, I really am sorry guys :'( my whole PC run smoothly, it didn't sense any virus either as I know :'( but how, I don't know this would be a nightmare T_T I tried to reinstall, but is it the way to fix this?

someone has told me before, about my harddisk gets a bad sector, but I don't know how to fix this without losing my data :'(

#hontonigomenasai >_<

Newbie here ^_^

"Whoa. What the hell was I missing out on?"

The first sentences in my mind just like you t( ^_^) FF series is universal I guess, hope we don't have to limited ourselves and our differences :)

Newbie here ^_^

Post lots and contribute the best you can here, ‘kay? Remember, makerscore is life. ^^

Okay sir :) thank you very much, I'll keep that in mind t(^-^)
Good luck anyways :) hope your team win a cup ^^

Newbie here ^_^

If you’re a fan of the older Final Fantasies, then you’re an amazing person to me. :)

If you’re a fan of the NEWER Final Fantasies, well…

Honestly, I already knew about FF series when I was at Elementary School >_< I never knew about gaming entire my past till someone gaves me this Epic Game (I owe her kindness) :) FF VII, VIII, IX, X and X-2, I continue FF XII. Current, I still don't have any console to play it, but soon I hope ^_^

How to make Paradox Event

How to make Paradox Event

I understand what he is saying. I will do a tutorial video on some ways to do what you are trying to do :)

AWESOME!!!!!! Thank you very much sir Incarnate, I really am thank you T_T #tears of joy

I can't thank you enough to you guys also :) I'll learn it step-by-step :)
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