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White Tower
I am trying to let you do bad things in this game but I forget to add them



Alpha 0.37 - Progress Report - Lord's Gate Improvement

Hmmm differen types of difficulty built in quests? I hope that this is worth it somehow if you "solve" the problem with different types of "combat" or solutions.

To the spells... maybe mention what they do in the description instead of saying you learn spell XXX.
For an example:
Scroll of Mana Drain: A scroll which teaches you how to drain an opponents mana.
(I am not 100% sure how the others work even if my guess on Mana draw is that you draw the mana from an ally to replenish your own.... the other three I have only guesses what they could possibly do. Which is bad from the perspective of the buyer.... if you dont want to change that, how about introducing a character that tells you what each scroll teaches you?)

For the combat; This isn't a difficulty changer, it's more about what the player wants to do. They can either respect the Minotaur and challenge it in fair combat - fighting it until 25% health as a friendly duel or you can violate it's terms and then you fight him at full health, rendering more exp and drops but also harming your reputation with the locals and doing something morally bad.

For the spells; Yeah I agree, I will change that.

Alpha 0.36 - Progress Report - Enchanted Weapons.

Well first of all I sadly have no time for testing right now but seeing this I had a few ideas I wanted to share:
Make a spell that allows Warriors and the like to share their MP with the caster. That would save mana potions for the caster and make warriors mana usefull. This one could be "buyable", "trainable" or just as a quest reward in Lords Gate from the House of Arcane or the weapons shop (something the shop owner picked up in his time there maybe? A quest from a shop would be fun).
Make some spells you get from the House of Arcane for quests or coin for an example using drops from monsters to create spells if your magic system works that way. This would also make your magic system a bit more unique compared to other games where magic just exists.... maybe magic is humans crystalization of observing monsters and using their techniques for themselves. Maybe give some rundown how magic works in quests for the house of arcane...if you need some sort of possible scenarios I would be happy to help. I have fantasized about magic a lot...^^

Well just some thoughts I had after reading this post. Hopefully you find this usefull.

Also yeah to the game beeing almost finished? =P

Those are some really cool suggestions. I'll definitely come up with a way to buy spells and stuff, I wanted to do that at first but wasn't sure how I would go about it, so I think you hit the nail on the head!

And yes, once Lord's Gate is complete and I've added a few more quests here and there to make the game a bit more fluid + bug fixes.

A public release should show up within the next month, but I can't make any promises since uni may get intense soon.

Announcement - Looking for Alpha Testers

I forgot to mention, once I get around 10 regular testers I'll stop giving out the link to others.

[RMMV] (Preferably Experienced) Alpha Testers needed

I'm just looking for some alpha testers, preferably people who have made an RPG before/use RPG Maker MV regularly. But even just people with decent ideas will get the tick.

Join my discord or PM me if you're interested:


Great title screen!

Thanks! I hope to get more original artwork in the future, but for now this is great!

The artist is andreasrocha on deviant art

Alpha 0.34 - Progress Report - Polish and quests!

I should note that I am looking for potential contributions for the artworks for the Character Creation images.

PM me if you're interested!

I need images for:

Lady Dawn
Immortal King


- Kleos

Stonewall is playable.

EDIT: Please ignore the dark holes in the building in the last few screenshots, like I said Stonewall is playable but not complete.

helo uber here outside

I'm not a huge RPG maker expert, but it's really fun to use so I just play around
with it a lot. I'm currently working on a game I call White Tower based in a
world I made up a while ago. I've always loved worldbuilding as a hobby, and after
getting RPG maker and realising I can bring them to life is enough for me to really
love playing around with it, even if I'm not particularly good at making my own
sprites or music or whatever.

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