An amateur game maker like the rest of the people here.

Nothing quite like a good nut.
White Tower
I am trying to let you do bad things in this game but I forget to add them


[RMMV] (Preferably Experienced) Alpha Testers needed

I'm just looking for some alpha testers, preferably people who have made an RPG before/use RPG Maker MV regularly. But even just people with decent ideas will get the tick.

Join my discord or PM me if you're interested:

helo uber here outside

I'm not a huge RPG maker expert, but it's really fun to use so I just play around
with it a lot. I'm currently working on a game I call White Tower based in a
world I made up a while ago. I've always loved worldbuilding as a hobby, and after
getting RPG maker and realising I can bring them to life is enough for me to really
love playing around with it, even if I'm not particularly good at making my own
sprites or music or whatever.

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