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The Last Hero

Action RPG set in the world of Terca Lumereis from the past.

Short Pitch:
Try to stop the leader behind it and ultimately finishing the Great War, or could worsen it... Who knows?

Long Pitch:
The casualties from The Great War is growing drastically.
Conflicts between the Entelexeia and the Humans are worsening each day with no end in sight, Could there be hope for our Terca Lumereis or will we be witnessing many innocent people suffer for the rest of our lives?
Duke, a mysterious swordsman who is accompanied by an entelexeia named Elucifer embarks in a journey to save Terca Lumeries from the Great War by bringing justice and hope for each and every race caught in this turmoil.

RMN Description:
The Last Hero is an Action RPG, a spinoff of Tales of Vesperia. The story takes place way before the events of Tales of Vesperia and First Strike. You are Duke, accompanied by Elucifer who plays an important role in the Great War, has the ability to control specific monsters to interact with the environment. Witness classic and memorable locations from the original game.
For people who wants a classic but innovative system? comes a new dynamic battle system to test your skills to the limit.

-Familiar locations from the original game
-The ability to use monsters
-Duke's signature Mystic Arte: Big Bang
-Meeting some characters you've met from the game
-Flex Range Dynamic Control Linear Motion Battle System
-Duke's Dynamic Hair (C'mon, you know you wanna!)
-Advanced Over-limit (reaches LV. 8!)
-Added Dein Nomos since it's so f*cking beast.

Mock Up
Experience the nostalgic and memorable places from the original game.

Try out the new control system, you can control helpless monsters to do your bidding.

Resource Museum

Did somebody know about the quadcopter (helicopter cat).
I found this neat little quadcopter charset in "that certain site"

Alex is a robot!?

RTP style XP characters

Marth, Ike, Samus and ZS-Samus and Pokemon Trainer are here.

Alice faceset

anyone wants this Gameover screen?

A frankensprited monster from Romancing SaGa 2 of Alex

Megaman Alex!

Pixel Quilt: Logo Edition!

Finished, I had a Namco Fever today, so I was blinded on what I was going to do.
And then I made N, Its Pac Man spiting Rheairds out of his mouth, while the Draconis is flying to Dycroft.

Pixel Quilt: Logo Edition!

Can I give it a go again. I want N, Please!

Pixel Quilt: Logo Edition!

Finished. Took me less time than i thought. Belcrant, Dycroft from the Aethersphere from Tales of Destiny, A pretty easy place to get lost, if you ask me.

Pixel Quilt: Logo Edition!

Does anyone have M, If not then I'll take it. This is actually my first time doing this pixel quilt.

Arcade Heroes

Time for some fan-made 1944: The Loop MAAAAAAAAAAAAASTER!!!!, Oh wait... I'm still practicing how to make a top down flying shooter on RPG Maker and buy RPG Maker VX Ace because that game has 15 or 16 stages and it's very hard!
I couldn't even surpass the 10,000,000 High score, even if I was so close to surpass it at this score 968,498 with the Laser Charging attack at my disposal with my Wingmen and with my POW almost empty it's near impossible but it's possible.
I wasted a lot of real quarters and virtual quarters in MAME just to surpass that score. Well it's worth a try to make a game like that. So I'll give it a go.

How did you and rpg maker meet?

The story how I met RPG Maker is like it was yesterday...
I was so thrived when I played Mario RPG, so I look for other games so I can play it on the errm, umm.. The "E" word and found an RPG maker game of Mario.
It was no other than the greatest RPG maker game I love to this day, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the seven stars and that's how I got RPG Maker 2k3.
I had one cancelled game of an Mario RPG, but it turned wrong since I reached a "Dead-end plot" and got cancelled.
But I still use RPG Maker to test my skills and made Middle Fantasia. Now I'm creating a new game entirely and it will be polished and clean, I hope.
So that's how I met the Fate of RPG Maker and the community, and it's also the reason of my death of my Sonic Fanboy attitude, I am grateful for that.
Looks like I went on fairly long. So yeah that's how I met RPG Maker.

Does anyone here live in a trailer?

Here in Puerto Rico, We don't use trailers (Well I haven't seen one since I still live here a long time.), we use cheap apartments that the government pays.
I live in a normal house with flat square roofs. But, I can tell you, some of those places(Especially Luis Llorens Torres, But nowadays it's peaceful there, so yeah.) is where a lot of drug addicts, robbers and killers are.

rpgmaker.net needs your help (again)!

(sigh) I was going to use my money to buy me a used game of Kirby Super Star Ultra. But, if it's to keep RMN's lifespan in balance, I will try to donate about 15 or 20 dollars. RMN, You will not die on us! I will pray for this site.