I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
Ohai, Kloe here, I dunno what to put here...
Kloe X Harold! :D

Also PM me if you want to, my inbox is open to talk :P

Also apparently I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident... I just hope that doesn't make me the Phantom of the Klopera!
Remie and Alana
Confessions of Love appear as a duo of Magical Girls save the world!



CSS'ing your RMN Game Profile

Hrm. Have you tried to hard-refresh the page after applying a change to the CSS?

Yup, sometimes you need to clear your cache to see changes (I always have to which is really annoying but after clearing it, it reflects the changes)

CSS'ing your RMN Game Profile

Yus! Thank you Marrend, it worked! :D

CSS'ing your RMN Game Profile

How would you change the text color of purely the comments?

Interview: Indra & Fomar0153

Yay! An interview with Fomar and Indy!

How to make a cool soccer ball using an event!

Nice tutorial! I'm not a fan of football, but RPG Maker Football does look pretty fun! Thanks Jyo! :D
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