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David Cage - Genius Auteur or Insufferably Pretentious Quack?

Not to get into the whole discussion of the relevance of Auteur theory, but Film and Video Games as works of media are distinctly collective creative pieces and so it may not be accurate to say that the director of such a work is truly an Auteur, when it is the small things that make up such large pieces, moreso in Games than in any other form as a director cannot supervise every part of every game.

However, one key idea about Auteurship is that the Auteur injects 'politique' into their work, which as has been touched on, is probably evident in Cage's works, things such as large use of QTEs and a developed plot as a focus rather than gameplay, would suggest Auteurship. I haven't actually played anything by David Cage, but his work seems to be pretty similar and contain repeated elements such as the QTEs as has been mentioned, plus he has strong ideals about Game Over screens and such.

Overall, I'd say unless you subscribe to the notions of 'death of the auteur', I'd agree that his style seems distinct, despite the notions of gammak as a collective creative process. However, personally I wouldn't attribute any positivity to the term (as the title suggests), just as I wouldn't to Michael Bay, but I'd say from an outward glance it would seem that Cage is an auteur, if it matters.

Can a denied game still work?

They should be able to be reapproved so it's probably just that Libby or whoever is doing the queue right now hasn't got around to it.
If it takes any longer I'd probably send Libs a message and ask what's up, maybe the page still isn't suitable yet or something, so it's not a bad idea to ask (since a month is longer than usual).
Anyway, good luck with your game!


Yay! Good job and thanks Anky, it seems to be working! :D

Online Censorship

It stopped being a "sketchy video" after the US Senate held hearings on it yesterday.
You really should have led with that video, it's far more insightful, I still agree your first source was abyssmal, it's from a site known primarily for hosting white nationalist garbage, and has been denounced by most companies, such as Patreon. The video itself contains a sillouete with a silly voice mod, with a google logo and ridiculous arguments including using autofill to make some idiotic points, about boogeymen manually deleting autofill suggestions, a "SJW agenda" and so on.
Whereas an actual Senate hearing on the matter is important, it shows there are being steps to combat this despite reluctance to improve election security by certain people, as well you know.

The point is, yes, there's an issue with censorship on YouTube, that's true, but don't ask people to share an idiotic video on it, instead this Senate inquiry is a much better approach.
Futhermore "being ready for 2020" and "preventing the next Trump situation" seems far more about election security and preventing interferance, something Google should be doing, by providing transparent and fair hosting, and preventing faked or untrue content as best it can.

The attitude of 'there's not much we can do so we should do nothing' can disappear too.
We shouldn't do nothing, we need as individuals to stand up against that and steps such as a senate inquiry are a good start, but I disagree that "there's not much we can do so we should share stupid videos". If you have an individual problem with a specific video, or content creator, raise that, report videos and send emails to Google.
A good start would be standing up for issues that don't just suit your own agenda, which is why I raised the point about LGBT exclusion and discrimination on the platform.

Google has the resources to "prevent the next Trump situation" (ie. the victory of a candidate they don't desire).
YouTube needs to take a stand against 'fake news' and bigoted content, to 'prevent the next Trump situation' because another Trump situation is, as we've seen through Mueller's inquiries and the Cambridge Analytica scandal, manipulation of the internet as a weapon against democratic elections via misleading, erroneous or fake content. It is not to stop the 'victory of a candidate they don't desire' but to ensure that fairness is achieved, regardless of outcome.

Online Censorship

I mean, there are a lot of issues with Youtube at the moment with censorship and such, but there isn't a whole lot more we can do.

There's an awkward line to be drawn, especially on the right, to stop certain posts which will promote violence and bigotry (See Neo-Nazism, Christian Nationalism and White Supremacy) but Youtube has tended, and still does, to censor people on both sides of the isle, especially with labeling LGBT content as 'not child friendly' in certain cases, for example, and preventing their employees from protesting against unfair exploitation of the LGBT community.

That being said, sharing a sketchy video isn't the best course here. Protesting terms of conditions, reporting innappropriate videos and such is far more important, such as pushing back against increasingly harsh terms of service as seen on Tumblr and Facebook and others recently. This isn't just a Youtube issue, and not a right-wing issue as you're suggesting. Censorship and blocking happens all the time, take everything from the Article 13 you mentioned to the idiotic 'porn ban' the UK government tried and failed.
Genuinely not sure how we can stop this other than raising awareness of issues and critical thinking lessons in schools, holding Youtube and others to firm and well kept Terms of Use and so on. I mean that and labeling videos accurately based on sponserships and such, so we know who pays for us being shown what we are.

And before anyone says it, Freedom of Speech =/= Freedom of Platform, seriously if people start conflating the two I'm gonna tear my hair out.

tl;dr YouTube has multiple issues with censorship and whatnot but this isn't the way to go about protesting that, and futhermore it's part of a greater societal and internet trend that we need to combat as a whole, not just Youtube and not just 'censorship of the right'.

looking for good mario style games or clones

We've had some events on RMN in the past to make Mario games, for example: SRW2: Yoshi's Archipelago, so that might work for you.

Games with map/level editors

Portal 2 does, I think Portal does as well? It seemed pretty decent, especially considering it's a 3 dimensional puzzle game so there's a lot of variety possible in custom maps.

Personally, I'd say Advance Wars: Dual Strike, partially because I really like that game and also because its map editor is pretty nice, being able to create your own scenarios for a strategy RPG is interesting, I wish more games in the same genre would have map editors.

[RMMV] My Ol' Boy, Sparky

u-um why is this [RMMV}? I mean, I guess we don't have a [Really wacky story about a nervous guy and a dog?} tag...

...I'm gonna refrain from commenting on the actual story, maybe I'm just not getting it?

Stepping Down as a Mod

hugs Uni Get well soon Uni! We'll try not to wreck the place in the meantime... ^-^;