I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
Ohai, Kloe here, I dunno what to put here...
Kloe X Harold! :D

Also PM me if you want to, my inbox is open to talk :P

Also apparently I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident... I just hope that doesn't make me the Phantom of the Klopera!
Remie and Alana
Confessions of Love appear as a duo of Magical Girls save the world!



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Thank you Bryan that was a great playthrough.

Yup, I know it has a lot of work to get it all consistent and in one art style, the last chunk was the test bit so it got very crowded.

I also realise there are some misdirection issues, such as YEP is meant to say YTD which is why that made no sence. Also the fact you tried to go into the machine by the end of it, I tried to make it so Yoshi could come out but Mario couldn't come in, but after a week of testing I couldn't figure out how to make something that Yoshi could exit and Mario couldn't enter... Also the 1 tile zip thing I tried to avoid but in that section, as I said, I tried to make it Mario-proof and didn't intend for people to go there. Same with the lava on the top of the YTD, that was so people couldn't jump over the top to cheat their way over.
You kept riding the Yoshi down the bottom, when it's meant to go in the YTD, but it's okay, I spent ages trying to make it impossible to do just that but I couldn't, so that's my fault.
You were right in your guess that the 2nd Yoshi at the start was for player 2.

I didn't know Keys respawned, so my bad there, that and the yoshi respawn by the ky were meant to be if your yoshi died or you lost the key somehow, you could get a new one and not be screwed over.

It is very "rom-hacky", I admit, but I wasn't quite sure how to get it working mechanically how I wanted without making it so, I'll try to fix anything I can in that respect.

Also yup, for the boot you're meant to abandon yoshi for the time being, and then through the door you get a new Yoshi, also I though doors removed the Boot so you're meant to not use the boot to kill everything in the 3rd bit, but oops.

I also laughed really hard at the key fort. Which reminds me, the rocks in the 3rd section, you're meant to use that strategy to get to the flower but the boot, again, messed that up... >.<

And the grate was for if you prefered to ditch Yoshi, or if you were hit half-way and lost the fairy power, you could climb across instead, like a safety net, though that isn't so clear. Also at the time I put the grate in, I didn't know the fairy let you take Yoshi either, so I was gonna put a grate and another YTD, making that the level theme, but then I learnt about Faries and yup, it led from there.

I have a lot to do to make it a consistent art style and I greatly thank you for your Let's Test, it was really fun to watch! Thank yooooouuuu! :D

Stage List

Btw Hali, is Kloe's Burny Burny Cave finished? Because it doesn't say placeholder or unfinished. If its finished, I'll do a Let's Test of it tonight.
It is but it's not very good... haha... I'm not very experienced at this... if you play it, pls don't kill me afterwards. >.>
I'm honored you'd do a Let's test of it though!! :D

P.S I was going to add a puzzle maze related to Purple Yoshi's power to break blocks with a pound, but I ran out of time.

Release Date Confirmed! / New Screens!

That looks really cool and I'm looking forward to it! Also good job testers :D

I'm Sorry it Has to Come Down to This


It's really great what we've accomplished on this game as a community, but I understand! hugs

Meet Team "Might be Heroes?"

Yeah, I wanted to keep her underwraps a bit, that works though, haha :D

The secret of her energy is... is...
ICEKLOE: The Icecream brand for all fantasy realms.

Poll: Would you rather...

Um, blog post and then add tutorial when coder is back?

Also I was totally expecting like a threads of "Would you rathers" :P

Post-Demo Plans

Yay! Well good luck Housekeeping! :D

Strictly For Commercial

Yes, well, the dinosaur is out of the bag so...

Wow, you must have some really BADGoodLUCK

Play the demo! PLAY IT!

The demo is here!!! YAY!! I've been looking forward to this for ages!! :D

Special Announcement!

Yay!!! I can't wait to try it!