Is it possible to learn the guitar in 3 weeks? I have a music exam and I get a better grade if I can play an instrument while singing instead of just singing...

  • Kloe
  • 05/24/2016 05:11 PM


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You might be able to learn one chord and just play that chord every four beats over and over.
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For the first few weeks it's more about getting your hand and fingers in order before trying to play a few notes. Your fingers will hurt from the strings. But if you hit it hard you might be able to learn a little something!
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Fingers will hurt... oh, well.

Yes, playing one chord every couple beats sounds like the likely outcome...
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Only do it if you want it as an opportunity to learn tho. And first lessons are most important, so look up the right posture so you can save your ass for later should you keep at it :)
It'd be far easier if you have someone who knows how to play (or, at least, knows the basic chords) teach you. Like, hands-on teaching. But it's definitely possible to do it by yourself. And 3 weeks is reasonably long enough for it.

Singing while playing is... hard. Mostly because you're keeping track of at least two different (but similar) rhythms at the same time. More often than not, one will overpower the other, leading to the performance not sounding too good/being off-tempo/off-key.
If you've got three weeks, then realistically you're not going to be be a master of the guitar by any means. So, with that under consideration: Learn the basic chords for A minor, F, C and G, and use those chords in that order to sing a song. They're one of the most basic structures of many pop songs, and so many songs can fit into that structure. It'll get you by.
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Yes, you can learn some basic guitar technique in three weeks. It's an incredibly easy instrument to play. One method is to learn four or five chords and practice until you can transition between them smoothly.
If you manage this, your fingers will hurt so good.
Well, it depends on what song you're going to perform and what key you'll be singing it in. If it's just an ordinary pop song, then C (I) G (V) Am (VI) and F (IV) will do you pretty good (or at least that chord progression.

You'll know if you're ready to play the guitar when the time comes. If the guitar playing will interfere with your sing, I recommend you to save it for some other time and focus on the singing. Good luck!
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