I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
Ohai, Kloe here, I dunno what to put here...
Kloe X Harold! :D

Also PM me if you want to, my inbox is open to talk :P

Also apparently I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident... I just hope that doesn't make me the Phantom of the Klopera!
Remie and Alana
Confessions of Love appear as a duo of Magical Girls save the world!


Balancing battles

I am notoriously bad at it, but I asked RMN Discord about Balancing and they had a lot to say about it and a range of opinions from " 'balance' is overrated" to "in the end it is challenge that is fun."

So what are you thoughts, notes and advice on the topic of balancing combat in RPGs, is there a good way of going about it, is it a difficult thing to do?

[CANCELLED] Madoka Mafika was murdered by Kloebey

Madoka Mafika Mafia
"Welcome to Earth, a boring setting, I know. Well, you may be thinking, 'What the hell is this creepy cat thingy!?'

Klobey, duh!

You guys are all what we call witches. Well, I say ALL of you, I mean most. Ya see, I was really bored, so I brought in some magical girls with contracts, yadda yada, fixing entropy, yadda yadda, and so now despair will ensue! You, as witches, can make people commit suicide, even each other. So find those stupid Magical girls and break their soul gems into a billion tiny pieces or cause them to kill themselves! Simple.
Oh and the catch? I might offer some of you contracts, ehehe! Also that these girls are really stubborn, hate your guts and will probably murder you in your sleep, but what do you care, you're witches?


This is basically your typical mafia. I'm not going too crazy with adding things this times, but I will have a few tricks up my sleve as I have aluded to. It's fairly simple, Mafia Magical Girls and Witches are town, pretty wierd but I guess it makes for a change to hate the guts of the cute Madoka and her friends, eh?
Good luck guys! Oh also you don't need to know Madoka for this, it's just the lore.

-Every day, you can vote for a person to make commit suicide. If it hits a Magical Girl, their soul gem will break instead. (The same thing)
-At Day, you can talk, at night, you can't.
-No Necroposting (as in posting while dead, not posting on this thread in like, 2020)
-NO EDITING, someone always messes this up haha
-Hammer is set at the majority
-Days are 48 at the start, though I might shorten them to 36 if it's too long (Also before the game starts, I'm considering 24 but idk)
-To vote for a person to die, use #Lynch. BOLD IT!!
-To cancel a vote, use #Cancel. BOLD IT!!
-You must post a reasonable amount, as in like, hopefully, more than I do. I'm not saying 50 posts a day, but at least play the game.

Witches and those naive Magical Girls
  • Infectionfiles the Tank
  • LockeZ the Little girl Murderer
  • Zeuzio the Future Poster
  • Frogge the Frog Yandere
  • Capage the Man of many hats
  • Yellow Mage who uses Yellow Magic
  • Ozzy the One and Only
  • Eberth the Ressurecting Summoner
  • Psy the Wombat Knight
  • Cave_Dog_Is_Magic

[CAZ] Caz Appreciation Topic

Caz. We all know and love her. But it's time we show our love and compassion for the amazing, silly, awesome, girl that is Caz! :D

We love you Caz!

[Dogge] The post Cute Dogges thread!

Dogges are really cute and I wanna pet all of them and we really need a thread of cute dogs so we can go here when we're sad and just imagine petting all the cutest dogges! :D

Yay! Cute Doggys!

[Game Over!] Despairword Mafia

Welcome to the slightly wip signup post for the DESPAIRWORD MAFIA! (Name subject to change)

I wanted to run a quick fairly simple mafia, so here it is. There will be mafia, there will be some roles but I will not tell you the rolls...

The one catch with this mafia, is that at the start, and each night you'll be allocated a word which you can't say for the rest of the game, so if day 1's word was Kloe and then day 2's was lynch then on day 2 you cannot say either Kloe or Lynch. So as the game progresses, speaking might be hard. You might have to find ways aroud it, but no obvious stuff like saying it starts with an o or whatever, but just you can't explain which word you can't say and you can't say that word. It should make posts more entertaining and bizarre. Words are shown on death.

But yes, there will be some roles and a few mafia but this won't be a massive game.

The rules you can find on any other game on the site, hammer as usual and a lynch happens on hammer or whoever has the most lynches at the end of the day, a non-lynch counts against you.

  • Hexy
  • Cave (Underground Puppy)
  • Ozzy
  • LockeZ
  • Psy
  • Odd
  • Piano
  • YM
  • Frogge
  • Gourd
  • Infection

[Tournament]Pokémon Kloermn League

Welcome to...

Yes, a Pokémon Tournament, on the online Pokémon Showdown.

How this'll work is I'll announce which games should happen, then after each game, PM the results and replay to me, and I'll stick it on a post with that "Round" on it. I'll also add each round to the OP. Then once that round is over, I'll tell everyone the next round's matchups. I'll also update the Scoreboard with O for a win and X for a loss.

So Kloe, how do I signup?
Simply post in the thread with your Pokémon Showdown username, or make one on PS then post, and I'll add you to the list below, once we have enough people/when most of the interested people have signed up, I'll start Round 1. Also the winner shall face me because why not?

Rules Pokémon wise, is no moves the Pokémon would not learn naturally, since you have to show your replay, we'll know if you cheat, all Pokémon Lv100 so it's fair.. (any other rules I should really add just say.)

Signups/Username List:
  • Frogge - FrogLordFrogge
  • Yellow Magic - HarutMarut
  • Bart - KnightOfTheAgate
  • esby - esbbu
  • Gourd - GourdyClae
  • Zeuzio - Zeuzio
  • Mirak - The Mirak
  • Shinan - Shinan
  • Ratty - Ratty_Rattingson


Good luck Pokémon Masters. Who will become Champion of the Kloermn League?

[RMVX ACE] Jump Sound Effect


I wanted to add in the base scripts that whenever the jump command is triggered via move route, the jump sound is played. While I could go into hundreds of events and edit them, I think it'd be simpler and more efficient to instead make it like this.

So far I've gone to line 149 in Game_Character and put this line on the end:
("Jump1", 70, 110).play

But that just errors.

So is there any way to do this?

[Hiya!] I forgot to say hiya when I got here so I'll say it now.

Hiya guys!
I totally forgot to do an intro when I first came here... so I guess I'll make up for it now?
I'm Kloe, from England, and I like happy fun games with cheerful music and my favorite color is pink!
You can call me Chloé too if you want, Kloe, Klo, Klo-Klo, and Chloé have all been things I have been called.
I've used MV and Vx Ace quite a bit, but never really made much of a game... I
hope to have lots of fun here, as I already have!
I have a boyfriend who I nicknamed Harold when I talk about him, as in the MV RTP Hero, because wow, that hero is so handsome and awesome and adorable and cute and amazing. I also have a girlfriend called Steph, yeah, it's a loooooooooong story.
I'm super friendly and I don't bite, so don't worry! I'm also happy to talk if you wanna, yay!

Um... this is awkward so yeah, hi everyone! Oh and sorry this is really really really really late... I sorta forgot. That happens a lot... >.<

[CARDS] RMNCARDS Thread (oopsies, Jero made one too)

We have enough cards now. It's time for the thread.
And so here it is!
Please welcome the...

•Post cards
•Be awesome
•No being mean
•...That's about it

[Game Over] Cheesecake Mafia

(thanks go to Oshun for the amazing idea! Thanks Oshun!)
Welcome to the Cheesecake Thief Mafia, are you ready to eat? Well these pesky thieves want it all to themselves, it's the town's job to find out who they are and vote them into Tea Prison before they can eat all The Kloe Club's cheesecake!

Law-abiding Cheesecake Connoisseurs
Regular Connoisseur
Grand Watermelon Announcer - Can anonymously send a public message to the club for every morning at daybreak.
Pancake Chef - Cooks a pancake each day for a secondary secret lynch VOTE on the side (PM-ed to Kloe)
Carrot Eater - Can see in the dark! Standard Seer role, can see people's roles, or whatever role they appear as.
Peach Poison-healer - Can protect someone from being poisoned, twice during the game.

Cheesecake Thieves
Naughty Waiter - Can RANDOMLY switch the role that any player appears as twice throughout the game if they are alive.
Butter Spreader - Can spread 2 'rumors' to players each day, (2 messages sent to them via Kloe)
Odd Spice Salesman - Can slow an actions by a night and can nullify 1 action and can stop 1 person from lynching for a day, only 1 power usable each night and each one only once

Breadcrumbed - Will appear as a random role if investigated or killed, and if both, they will appear as two different roles
Bad Chef - Can `accedentally` give someone food poisoning, which has a 50% chance of killing whoever is affected

Town wins by catching all thieves, Thieves win by outnumbering/killing all town, Bad Chef and Breadcrumbed wins by not dying the whole game!

List of Cheesecake Connoisseurs at The Kloe Club

1) Frogge, the Novice Connoisseur
2) Infectionfiles, the often ill Connoisseur
3) OddRabbit, the Food Detective Connoisseur
4) Marrend, the Connoisseur who also serves Angel Food Cake
4) Cave, the Puppy Service Connoisseur
5) Piano, the Trademarked Connoisseur
6) CapH, self proclaimed "Cheese Captain Connoisseur"
7) Ratty, the 524 types of forks Connoisseur
8) Yellow Magic, the magical yellow-colored Connoisseur
9) LockeZ, the strong, beefy, beefcake Connosseur
10) Soozy, the aspiring Connoisseur
11) Blob, the "anthropomorphic" Connoisseur (whatever that means)
12) Libby, the banana Connoisseur
13) Psy, the statistical Connoisseur
14) Gourd, the gourd flavoured Connoisseur
15) Xoe, the unpredictable Connoisseur

P.S, Standard ruleset stuff here

1. Do not share any PMs from the moderator. Your private messages must be kept secret. You may describe what was in them, but directly quoting any portion of them will result in mod-kill.

2. No talking on the thread during the night phase, mafia can speak in mafia chat.

3. No talking to other players outside of Mafia about mafia, and NO PMING ABOUT MAFIA EITHER!

4. Use the following format for lynchvotes: #Lynch Kloe. To cancel your lynch, use the format #Cancel

5. You must post regularly. If you're not talking, you're not playing the game. If you're not playing the game, then why are you here?

6. No editing posts. Only the moderator may edit his posts, and he can also edit you right into dead chat. If I see it before you edit and after, and it's just a minor typo or whatever, I'll let it slide, but no edit-cheating!

7. No dead posting unless I say you can for some reason, but likely, no dead posting!
(Thanks Piano, I used mostly the rules text from Spy VS Mafia)

Also no hammer, not a majourity = no lynch and a majority is 50% or more of alive players. (e.g 5 votes or more if 10 people are alive.)

48 hour day phases except for the first day, where I'll add 6 extra hours so people can get ready.
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