Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance v1.69

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The Unwelcome Guest

I absolutely loved Uninvited, Deja Vu, and Shadowgate. This looks a lot like them. I will eat this game up, crap it out, and eat it again. Look forward to seeing more. Keep it up.

Maze of the Lost

Hey Janus, glad you are enjoying it and thanks for trying it out. I'm actually in the middle of fixing and adding a few things to make the game better and more enjoyable and going back to the 5 member party is amongst one of those things (amongst many other little things here and there). Once I release the new demo (within a month hopefully) or get the project fixed enough so it won't crash (I'm redoing a bunch of switches and variables to be more organized as well as revamping music files and events so the game file isn't so dang big) I will be more than happy to share the project file. Stay tuned and thanks for the post.

Dragon Warrior Classic

I've been playing through and I must say I'm really liking it so far. Being that DW1 on NES was my first RPG this is a nice nostalgia trip. Awesome work.

Maze of the Lost

Hey Hes thanks for subscribing. I'm still really into this and work on it daily (sometimes for hours on end). Level 3 is finished and about to start working on Level 4. If this rate continues I may have the end product before the predicted August release. Hope you get some enjoyment from it.

Hey peeps

Thanks all. Look forward to "working" with you all.

Hey peeps

Hey everyone, some of you may know me from a couple other maker sites. I'm Knightmare. Since my game demo is on the horizon I thought I would join and release it here also. I've been messing with RPG Makers for about 14 years and finished a game on the PS1 RPG Maker 1 but haven't made anything on the PC versions which I hope to do very soon. I'm kind of a goofball too so I hope my sense of humor doesn't offend anyone. Anyway nice to meet you all.
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