Just an aspiring game designer. I've played video games since I was little and recently have gotten to the point of 'it would be so cool if this was like this' or 'if there were more options to customize this, it would be amazing', add that on top of getting ideas for games randomly and I figured I'd try my hand at making my own.

My favorite types of games tend to be:

1. Dungeon-crawling, with an emphasis on fun battles and customization with difficulty selection.

2. Horror-type games, it was awesome to see RPG Maker even capable of making games like these.
Terrarium: Remastered
Fight, strategize, customize. Explore the island of Terrarium!



Umbral Soul

One thing I should note is that while Pandora's group relies primarily on powerful skills, equipment is a much bigger factor for the heroes. You'll have the ability right from the start to wander the land and buy the best equipment to suit your strategies. All in all I think it'll be a much different experience from the base game.

I should mention that while the reverse campaign is meant to provide players with something fresh, I think there have been enough changes made to the original campaign to warrant another playthrough for those who are interested. More sidequests have been added, and I prefer my sidequests to have an interesting story attached to them to draw the player in. Phew! Alright, I think that should just about cover everything.

Can't wait, myself. Interested to see how you do with the equipment options and pumped to give a new fresh go at Umbral Soul again!

Memories From a Dream

This sounds amazing. Instasubbed.

Umbral Soul

Just dropping by to wish you well!~
Holding myself off from replaying this again til the update/sequel release.
It's really tough and I might cave. xD

Weird and Unfortunate Things are Happening

Ahhh the game's on the featured menu now! Hurray~

Weird and Unfortunate Things COMPLETE

Congrats on finishing it! I can't wait to try it I've been waiting ever since I saw it~

Fear and Hunger

I've been hoping this would get featured game. Totally deserves the recognition.

Definitely, I keep forgetting it's an rpg maker game with how well composed the game and graphics are, plus how risque the game itself is.

Featured Game Give Away!

I've been spending more time watching playthroughs on youtube of F&H 1 and 2 than playing so far, mentally preparing myself or so I suppose.

I did get myself on somewhat solid footing on a dark priest character so far though. I must say I do love all the intricacies and effort and thought that was put into these two games. The days system and number of characters with their potential backstories or ability to discover how/why they might die/where they go sounds very promising and im sure is alot of work.

Since discovering the first save is free and the lucky coins to help ease the difficulty of saving and other rng aspects, I don't have much other suggestion at the moment.

I think most people probably try to force an early save so they feel like they have a 'footing' to start off with and work their way from there instead of the very beginning every time. Like that's their personal hoard so far/save file they can build off of. Maybe it's just me.

Featured Game Give Away!

That's awesome! Thanks for the give-away~
Been trying the demo a bit so far and watching playthroughs on Youtube since my progress has been really slow (not sure if it's rigged or if my luck is somehow really really bad, ive only got 1 coin toss out of like 6-8 tries for saving my game.)

If there was any way to create a mode that takes out the coin toss for saving to play it in a 'safe mode' I'd definitely go for it. Or just take it off the first save point bed near the start (for the first save only if that helps), since regathering every single item i can find in the first 3 rooms over and over just to die is a bit discouraging.
Yet I still want to keep trying and discovering more about the game.

Edit; On trying the actual version, there seems like there's items to help with the above issue, which is awesome~!

I'll probably make another post or such at some point after I give the game a real go when it finished downloading the full thing.

(Btw the discord link says it's invalid. ^^')

Thanks again for the super creative game!

Terrarium: Remastered

Haha glad you're enjoying it~!

I think the only way you can really see the CP is on the after battle screen, or when you click a skill to learn it says 'learn this skill? ###CP left.'
I wasn't sure how to make an actual part of the menu change to show how much CP they had...
(I'm still trying to learn how to fully tweak and customize games even now xD)


If you do make a sequel I'll be there for it~

Or even if not enough to make a sequel, even a remaster or extension on this game fleshing out their stories/backgrounds more with stuff like Leah's hometown, more restaurant scenarios, etc. would be amazing. Adding an extra floor or two with a gimmick to each dungeon... There's alot of potential.

Honestly you used a lot of great things I love to see in rpg's.
The pearls giving stat boosts I was like 'eh.. maybe later' but on the post game where they're in full abundance and drop from enemies to boost your stats how you like at that point is awesome.
Colosseum's are always fun.
Status ailments really work against bosses.
Having to choose whether you wanted enemies soaked to slow them down (since
a majority of them outsped half of my team.) or hitting them with an enhanced thunder spell or wanting them burned to take damage over time instead. (since the latter two remove the soak)
Sidequests and optional dungeons will always be a favorite.
The collectible postcards (only found 15. apparently theres 17?)
The fact that alot of things and people in the world change overtime as you go through the story if you backtrack.
Just seems a lot of attention and care went into the game which is awesome.

(Hidden for potential spoilers)