Cataphract OI
Experimental RPG about time management and protecting allies



Ruin Hacker

will it be possible to marry the characters as in fire emblem????

because it would be great if this game had this feature <3

i know the game's already finished and released (congrats! it's terrific!) but i still second this!

Version 1.0.1 (Small Fix)

hah! my apologies to anyone who experiences worsening wounds from now on

A Year-End Progress Report!

GOD i love how your games look so much............can't wait for this one to come out, wishing you the best of luck with the remaining work >:)


Wow, this looks really pretty and sounds really cool! I look forward to seeing more. Good luck with the rest of development!

LanVodis Review

It's fun to see how we react when the things that make an experience simple and straightforward are taken away. Sometimes the result is just more work and stress, but sometimes it changes how you relate to the game and its world in interesting ways. So when someone tells me a game isn't "player friendly", I always wonder if the game was unthoughtful, or just trying to produce an unusual sort of experience. That's the sorta what I was going for with LanVodis - I wonder what Ishar was trying to produce. (It IS pretty!)

I hope you enjoy GeaSaga, let me know if you give it a try (or if you write a review)!

LanVodis Review

Start to finish I think I spent 8 or 9 days on LanVodis, it was a fairly casual and spontaneous little project, although many of the ideas in it are older. If you've played any other games with unusual or restricted approaches to world maps and navigation, I'd love to hear about them - I'm really interested in world maps right now and really curious about what other designers have tried to do with them (you can bet I looked up Ishar right away).

On that note, have you played GeaSaga? It's my favorite KA•IN WORKS game so far. It's simple, but I really like its style and vibe. AND it has a weird world map! Actually, I hadn't thought about it before, but it has a kind of "fog of war" thing going on, too. Maybe he's been an even bigger influence on me than I realized...

LanVodis Review

Wow, what a thoughtful review! I really enjoyed hearing your perspective - thank you so much for giving my game a chance and sharing your thoughts on it.

PS. I also enjoyed your review of Flesh, which happens to have been a big influence on LanVodis' presentation. I'm glad that game clicked with you too!


I thought at first that this game looked way too cool to not have an active download. I really wanted to play it! :( Then I saw that you have to manually click on Downloads first to see the download. So maybe you want to include the default download button at this gamepage, as it would be a pity if people miss the game thinking there's no download option at all.

I'll play the game tonight and give feedback if you like. :)

Ah, I had no clue! Thanks for letting me know about this. I'm not sure what's up with the keys not working, but someone mentioned a similar issue on itch, so I'll try and pay attention for solutions. RM2K doesn't afford me any power over the controls in the main menu, so I wonder if this is a matter of an old engine not playing well with modern machines... :s

Battle Pacing

why not program enemies to behave differently and use more powerful attacks as their hp falls or as their comrades die? when it becomes apparent they're fighting a losing battle, they realize the player party means business and bring out the big guns. it's a fairly common practice with bosses; if your general encounters are lengthy enough that you feel pacing is problematic, then you should be able to correct it in the same manner.

Make the player use offense

in etrian odyssey, how and at what point did you determine "the best strategy is defense"? wouldn't you build your party long before you've played enough to reach such a conclusion?