Blacksword Chronicles

I'm probably annoying at this point but, how far are you with the game at the moment? Just curious - Because I can't wait anymore to play Episode 2 :3

Pokémon: Uncensored Edition

I can't seem to download it - I always get sent to a empty page
The site which I got sent to - gamejolt

Dreamfarer (English Translation)

ughhhh I neeed heeelp I just can't find the fricking 10th star QwQ I don't even understand the riddle on the walktrough QwQ Help me pleeeease QwQ

Secret of Cypressa

The Worldbuilder's Fate

Why did this become a Hitaus D:

Pocket Quest!

just wanted to download it and now I see that it's italian :/

Almora: Online

uhm how do I level up? I just randomly got to lvl 3 while picking up the flowers and such on the ground. And I already given up on killing monsters because I often get these bats who kill me in 1 hit.

Blacksword Chronicles

When do you think the next update on this game will come out? :o

Flowers of the Valley

Awww I wanna play it. <333
I love Flowers <3333333333333333

Avelions - The Ancestors

The download link doesn't work anymore.
Sorry that it is in german, but it says that the download is not there anymore.