Neo Jado

Hey man, I found a "bug". It's actually an error message that pops up.

Right after the battle between Abigail and that bear, when she is defending the princess. I'm actually bad at the minigame so I lost the battle, and when you lose the mini-game you get "Event script referenced an event that does not exist".

Neo Jado

I still proudly have the first version of the game, and I enjoyed playing it from beginning to end :)

My card Game <3 [RM2K3] [RM2K]

I didn't as much attention/interest for my work as I expected so I'm removing it.

Which is a shame really because I thought by posting it on RPG Maker website I would have gotten a lot more interest than on Facebook.
But I guess I was wrong, so I'm removing the content from this thread.

My thread has got 300+ views but just one comment? Come on people...
Is this a ghost house?

My card Game <3 [RM2K3] [RM2K]

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My card Game <3 [RM2K3] [RM2K]

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How can I convert RM2K BATTLE to RMVX?

Are there any tools to convert Battle from RM2K into RPG Maker VX animations?

[RM2K3] I need your help !

Good news guys!

Well, most of you don't know what has happened to me in the past year (2014)

I was working on 3 RPG Maker projects simultaneously, and unfortunately my laptop died and I lost most of my work.

However, I was checking my pen drives and today I found one old backup that I had done, and I managed to get almost all my resources back!

But the problem is, they are all messy...

I have a lot of stuff and I need a way to filter it, that's where I need your help...

I need a help with filtering all those resources, if someone could help me it would be much faster >.<

I plan on releasing the resources to the community (there is stuff from every website you can imagine)

Just so you have an idea of how much stuff I've got:

- 1,600+ backdrops
- 3,700+ battles
- 13,450+ charasets
- 3,900+ chipsets
- 4.5GB+ of RPG MP3+MIDI
- 24,500+ Pictures (I can't even open the folder without lagging lol)
- 5,200+ sounds

Neo Jado

I beat the game last year, I've got to say, it was the best RPG maker game I have ever played.

The scene where the little boy dies made me CRY (SRSLy)


[RM2K3] Footsteps? wow

How can I add a footstep noise for every square that the player moves?

I have done it once but I can't manage to do it anymore T___T

PS: !!!!

I forgot to say that the TERRAIN TAB's footstep doesn't do the work for me

It has to be done so I can make EVENT'S footsteps

Trick, Treat, or Die: The Children's Crusade

How is this online?


are you using destiny patch?