What is the creepiest and most disturbing game you have ever played?

What is the creepiest and most disturbing game you have ever played?

- Not limited to engines or genres!

Event Proposal

missed event... how unfamiliar! lol

If I had a dollar for every missed event ...sigh

why am I always so unfortunate

anyways, forget this proposal ever existed

Event Proposal

Hi, my name is Kombosabo.

I would like to make a proposal for a fun event.

The event is very simple.

It's called "Nostalgic Contest"

Where the objective is to make a complete
playable game withim the time frame of 7 days.

The following rules should apply:
- The designer must choose between RPG Maker 2000 OR 2003 engines
- The game must use RTP graphics/music/resources only from both sources
- No specific game entries, the player can choose any genre or gameplay style, the only limit is the creativity

The purpose of this contest:
- To help the community re-live the good times
- To demystify the process of launching an early-stage game, encourage people to submit their ideas for feedback, and constructive criticism.

Also, by limiting the engine usage, we make things "even", and give the contests the same tools and resources.

And by making the deadline as short as 7 days, it also ultimately contributes to a stronger, more resilient community.

(Can someone agree with me that there are too many unfinished projects and developers stuck with ideas out there?)

I would like to know what you guys think about my idea and if you could give me some feedback.

Thanks! :)

Replacing Leveling with Different Progression in Established Games

Why not just remove level entirely, and replace it with the following:

Players receive rewards for doing specific tasks.
Players unlock access to new areas/storyline for doing specific tasks.

My Tears Keep Flowing After Hearing These Five Words.

this is the perfect game

you have got to be jokinggg??

RMN Developer Profiles

Oh man, I'm not going to be able to read your posts without imagining a Pick Up Artist saying them. Just please tell me you're not one of those who treats picking up girls like some kind of game, like giving women "levels" based on their looks or saying things like "Hey, guys, if you subtly insult the girl you're after, that'll make her lower her defense so you can more easily make your move."

Hey man! not really, i follow the steps of a guy named "Sasha Daygame".
Look for his videos and you'll know what I mean.

I think it's disgusting guys who do what you said :P
but im not like that ^^

My Tears Keep Flowing After Hearing These Five Words.

Let me again enphasize the purpose of this topic, which may have been misleading to some.

"I actually want to know words and feelings that describe the emoticons that YOU as a player feels when you are playing a game that is really satisfing and amusing. "

I am not even making games right now...
I'm currently in the process of learning everything I can about coding/language as I am planning on developting games for windows and android devices.

What the hell is up with this clickbaity title? LAAAAME

I'm sorry Sooz, you are right.
I thought I would be sneaky and no one would realize.
But I guess clickbait is becoming so well-known in the web that most people are starting to see it as clickbait lol

The Earthbound games, just in sort of emotional disturbing deal (and campy humor).

From those you mentioned, I've played all.
But I only got to the ending of Earthbound, because that game was so unique it got me hooked into it's amazing atmosphere.

Lots to read:

I wrote an article once.

Great article!! I'm saving this as a must read.

Thank you so much :)

RMN Developer Profiles

Ask and you shall receive XD

I really like the idea. And thanks for the template unity! :)

Here's mine, if anyone cares:

My favorite game EVER:

My Tears Keep Flowing After Hearing These Five Words.

Yeah, I agree, there is no perfect game. Even a game that happens to cater very much to me in both story and gameplay wouldn't be perfect. It could be a wonderful experience if done well, and could even become my favorite game, but certainly wouldn't be the end-all-be-all of games.

Right now, the best I can think of for me is a game centering around the love of two women (tho there may be other couples in the game as well :3) in a heartwarming but not too heart-wrenching tale where characters switch sides, find love and truth, and grow, all with Final Fantasy Tactics crossed with Disgaea strategy RPG action where each character gains different special powers based on what other units are adjacent to them. I could go on and on but I better stop there XD (PS I may have a different answer to this five minutes from now :P )

lol, Thanks for the feedback unity.

What do you mean by "character gains different special powers based on what other units are adjacent to them"

could you give me an example of a game where this happens?
or is there no such thing, just a made up combination?

Sounds interesting...

Game Name Ideas

Sounds like fun...

My ideas: (im terrible at this)

- The Elf who Figured Out He was an Elf
- The Randomly Generated INN
- Im Sofa King Wee To Deed
- For the Win: Episode 1 - We Win!
- For the Win: Episode 2 - We Won!
- I got 99 Problems But a Slime Ain't One
- Fabulous Gets a Job
- Fabulous Gets The Job Done
- Fabulous Gets It!
- Yet Another Unfinished Grinding
- Falcon Lovers Meets PewDiePie

I dunno, im terrible at this? confirmed