My Tears Keep Flowing After Hearing These Five Words.

I'm not fond of the idea of there being a perfect game that ends all games, makes everyone happy and tries to meet every single desire a human can possibly go for. I used to be, but I'm now, and that's only because for a million years I set myself up for failure by thinking there's a perfect game out there I can make that makes everyone love, praise and adore me. But it's okay that it's not true. There's room in the world for imperfect things. It's vulnerability that makes us happy with each other. Something that's imperfect is endearing. It's kind of sweet. Like seeing a child making a mistake.

My idea of a great or excellent game is one that reaffirms vulnerability as the key source for human connection. That may seem vague, but I believe it's what makes art special. Beauty comes in different forms; it's a self-transformative creature. But the idea that there's one perfect form of beauty can disable hopers from contributing equally creative and wonderful artistic creations. There's room in the world for more than one Big Bad Wolf.

Hi Cashmere!

Great point of view my friend!

Sorry I may have been misleading with my words.

I don't want to know what everyone's vision of a perfect game is.

Let me rewrite what I really mean:
I actually want to know words and feelings that describe the emoticons that YOU as a player feels when you are playing a game that is really satisfing and amusing.

What do you love/hate seeing in a game?

- Finding hidden goodies that are well hidden to value exploration
- Male main character controlled by me while all other characters are girls with huge tits
- Fast paced gameplay (Not spending hours in the same city for example, quickly moving from one scene to the next)
- Bosses that are challenging and BECOME PART OF THE TEAM after being defeated
- Character with UNIQUE personality traits, specially the ability to BANTER

- I absolutely hate UNSKIPABLE CUTSCENES that shows SLOW OR UNRELEVANT content or piece of story which I absolutely don't care about.

- NPCs that think that you have all day to talk to them, and also just give you completly out of sync information

- Slow menus, when you press ESC and you have to wait for fading in/out effects to occur, in order to do anything...

That's pretty much it... :)
But I don't think I will be adding much value to the topic anyways :(

My Tears Keep Flowing After Hearing These Five Words.

No, seriously..

The five words are:

and I have just one question for you guys, but only answer it if you've already spent COPIOUS amounts of time making GAMES.

"I actually want to know words and feelings that describe the emoticons that YOU as a player feels when you are playing a game that is really satisfing and amusing. "

By a perfect game I mean a game that would make you feel all emotions that you've never felt before, because the game is just so good and well made that you can't explain it with words.

If it ever existed of course...


looks extremelly cute!

Lacking motivation?

I feel like I have been lacking motivation...
I want to continue on making my game
but I don't know if many people will play it...

What do you do to motivate yourself on a project?

Most tripping features on an RPG?


Thanks a lot for the links. I will make use of this!

I might just throw "Eternal Darkness" into this collection. It is a horror game that featured a sanity meter additionally to life and mana.

If it was low, the eyes of paintings and statues would follow you and you would start hallucinating.
You would sometimes enter rooms and your head would explode after a little bit. Or you have a trap room. Or you walk on the ceiling where you find tons of ammunition before you suddenly die and are brought back to the real room.

I will make sure to check it out, sound interesting! :)

The YouTube Poop World

This game is what ALL true warriors strive for...

Most tripping features on an RPG?

LMAO. I'm not THAT high...
I just think that the default RTP brown doors are so boring and overused
I should do something interesting with them perhaps?
Like adding blood...

Just for the sake of being wacky without a proper reason needed:
- Make the player load the current save when at a specific point reached, thus starting in a different scenario to proceed.
- The same way you came through a maze is the proper way to proceed.
- Take a "fourth option".
- Use morse code.
- Do nothing.

Thanks, I'll be adding those.


I've actually smoked two joints just for the sake of game design...
this is how passionate I am!

Most tripping features on an RPG?

Hey guys, sorry for not explaining it properly...
I apologise for my bad english too! (it's been 3 years since I left England)

What I really want to know is
what kind of features can I add to my game, to make it weird/unexpected/fun/trippy/almost like you've just smoked 10 pounds of weed or taken 1 litle of LSD, psychodelic drugs and stuff... Lol
I want to add strange features to my game

Door Lock
Door Password

How are these two trippy? They're pretty standard in many games.

That means, I must find a way around to make it not so standard...

Most tripping features on an RPG?

I've been wanting to make an interesting game for a while now
but I can only imagine a few crazy features:

Time Cycles Flows Differently
NPCs can LIE / Mislead you
Impossible Objects
Optical Illusions
Penrose stairs
Impossible Cube
Infinite Loops
Multistable Perception
Upside Down Tileset
Upside Down Character
Character Switch Places with NPC
Things Disappear
Things Appear
A Shepard–Risset glissando
Door Lock
Door Password
Door Switch
Door Trap
Door Choice
Colored Door
Colored Switches
Speed Change
Transparency Change
Butterfly Effect
Time Travel

Sharpard Tone Illusion
Tritone Paradox
McGurk Effect

Do you guys have any other ideas?