Boss Ideas, anyone?

Though, if there's no potions, how does one heal in the first place? I'm thinking too much.

Player 2 has a healing spell and player 1 has a resurrection spell, the perfect match :)
Also there are health drops from the crates, and the players have very HIGH HP
I want to make it so that the player doesn't care much about his HP and focuses more on killing the boss using different tactics depending on what circumstances they are facing


Imagine a game with gameplay similar to Pocky Rocky (Super Nintendo)

With bosses from Contra 3 (Super Nintendo) on Hard mode

With spell from Final Fantasy 12 (Playstation 2)

That clears things out?

Ok. About the crystal thing, I have already started on a boss battle like that.
Like my inspiring IRC person, Rhyme said "Your only limit is your imagination."

You haven't finished it yet have you?
Would love to see it when it's done! :)

So the player defeats the first form, then there's a cutscene where the boss hops into a mech, and we go into form two. That's a plan!

Exactly, that's what I plan to do.

Though there was a statement about having multiple forms before, but maybe that's for a different boss?

He has many forms, one of his forms is where he is inside the robot. Though it's not his last form.

Personally, I suggest having the floor break away at some point during the fight, forcing the player to fight the boss in free fall. Ever since Gandalf and the Balrog I've always found falling battles to be quite impressive.

That is a bit complicated, but I can think about it. Added to my ideas board.

Boss Ideas, anyone?

Ok. About the crystal thing, I have already started on a boss battle like that.
Like my inspiring IRC person, Rhyme said "Your only limit is your imagination."

What game is that? If you remember would you care to tell me? Thanks

@Kombosabo You might want to ask LockeZ this question since made an article on Boss Design: http://rpgmaker.net/articles/476/

Hey man, thanks a lot, imma read this right now :D

Boss Ideas, anyone?

I guess it depends on how much is healed, but if the boss restores, say, half it's health, we're talking more of an "annoying" battle than an "epic" one. Then again, this idea is something players hate as a general rule.

Obviously I won't make the boss heal to half HP
It will be a lot lower than that, probably 1 health gauge per long turn, which would only make the battle about 5-10 minutes longer than usual

Not that this kind of boss has never been seen before, but I've not seen it implemented in an RPG Maker game. There is also the problem of how it can be implemented. As far as I know, there is no way to do this. However, my overall knowledge is limited.

You have never seen it implemented in an RPG Maker game?? lol
That's amazing good news for me, time to innovate don't you think?
Yes it is possible, and it's really easy.

Am I reading this right? A constant "poison" effect (one that requires a very specific remedy at that) during a fight against a boss? See, this is why players hate status-based bosses. Think about it. Not only is the player taking damage from the boss, but poison damage on top of that. This also assume players have a decent supply of a remedy. What if players don't find any? What do they do? 90% would probably quit in frustration.

I didn't say anything about POISON and DAMAGE.
It will be like Resident Evil Outbreak (if you ever played it)
It is just a way to make the battle time based, I don't want the player to make the battle last forever if he wants to, I will make so that the player can 100% cure the virus, but from time to time. This gives a little distraction from the boss, and it will not be "constant". You will have like a Virus Gauge and it will very very slowly increase with time, after quite a while it becomes another colour, which means you will have plenty to time to heal yourself and player 2 as well, the only problem here is getting to open the crate and get the elixir. This gives time for the boss to prepare some special attack.
I hope you get it now, It won't be as harsh as you though.

So not only can players essentially waste half their resources just to survive (from the sound of things)
Forget RPG Maker template battle system, my game will be Action battle system with 2 players, and there won't be resources to use, like potions and stuff, so forget it.
All you gonna need to kill the boss is skill and help from a friend (2 players)

but the boss can escape. This makes whatever effort the player put forth feel useless. This idea is so bad, it's not even funny.

My bad! Yeah this idea is so bad, let me change it.
So the new idea here is that the boss can't really escape, it will be a cutscene showing the boss trying to escape and getting into his robot. The player will have to kill the robot for sure, so there is not way you can catch the boss, it's just that there will be a cutscene showing the escape.

Thanks for the reply and the feedback Marrend
Hope u like it

Boss Ideas, anyone?

Sounds like you have a lot of ideas already. Sounds hard.

Hehe, thanks for the reply :O

I'm gonna check this thread a lot to see what ideas people have

Your abandoned game ideas?

Lost Dimension: 30 Days
I've been making unfinished 2 player games for ages, there are many projects that I threw away because they were incomplete and I couldn't be bothered to progress them
my best game I think was the one where the main character was an Eskimo, you had 30 days to play this game, its like the game has its own countdown, and everyday that passes you must complete a task, or something bad happens. Really awesome, I remember the crystal cave that I made, was one of my best maps at the time :)

Boss Ideas, anyone?

I'm making a super epic boss battle
Can you think of extra ideas for boss battles?
For example, crates that when you break give you special items to help defeat the boss
The boss has many forms which he can transform into.
He can also call for help and heal himself.
You must break all his crystals first before you can do any damage to him, because his crystals make him invincible.

Any ideas like that?


More ideas:
You can loot a bomb from the crate if you're lucky and place it to deal huge amount of damage, but you must stay away from the bomb otherwise you die.

To reach the boss area you must get pass some guards using a box, really sneaky

You also need to finish 15 puzzles before you can have 100% to the final boss door

The place where the boss is has a virus in it, so you must use a special elixir every few minutes to keep yourself from the virus poison

You can't come close to the suicide bombers, if they see you they will follow you and explode right in your face and you get GAME OVER

To get to the boss base you must steal a helicopter and drop by the woods far away to make no noise!

The boss can shoot spectral powers that when you touch it slows down time for you, and makes the boss a lot faster.

The boss can summon 2 body guards, fire and water, in order to kill the fire guard you must make the water guard shoot the fire guard by accident, then you kill the water guard using electricity

Sometimes the crates will release bad things, for example it can be turned into a walking bomb (robot), and you have to run away from it.

When you defeat the last boss, you must not let him escape, otherwise he will get to his massive robot and it will be almost impossible to defeat him

Player 2 must help Player 1 in order to defeat the boss, they have to stick together and deal group attacks!

RPG Maker 2003 Default Joystick Compatibility Problem


I figured it out, nevermind :D


omg, can I have this panorama? or whatever it is?

Looks awesome :D

Black Warrior of the North

I'm still trying to understand why "complete a quest" or "gain a level" is an inherently "good" action. I mean, if you get a quest to kill innocents, and in the process you level up, the morality system in-place says that the end result of that task grants "good points".

That is, if I'm reading things correctly?

Quests will be only stuff like:
1. Talk to NPC
2. Do what NPC said
3. NPC gets happy, and you get respected
4. Getting respect is good, therefore gives you GOOD points.

Gaining levels means that you get stronger, upgrading yourself is good.
Therefore, you get GOOD points.

Everything that is meant to be a good thing, gives you good points

Black Warrior of the North

Oy, oy! FINISH THE GAME!!!!!!

Oy, oy,! wait nigga