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How can I convert RM2K BATTLE to RMVX?

Are there any tools to convert Battle from RM2K into RPG Maker VX animations?

[RM2K3] I need your help !

Good news guys!

Well, most of you don't know what has happened to me in the past year (2014)

I was working on 3 RPG Maker projects simultaneously, and unfortunately my laptop died and I lost most of my work.

However, I was checking my pen drives and today I found one old backup that I had done, and I managed to get almost all my resources back!

But the problem is, they are all messy...

I have a lot of stuff and I need a way to filter it, that's where I need your help...

I need a help with filtering all those resources, if someone could help me it would be much faster >.<

I plan on releasing the resources to the community (there is stuff from every website you can imagine)

Just so you have an idea of how much stuff I've got:

- 1,600+ backdrops
- 3,700+ battles
- 13,450+ charasets
- 3,900+ chipsets
- 4.5GB+ of RPG MP3+MIDI
- 24,500+ Pictures (I can't even open the folder without lagging lol)
- 5,200+ sounds

[RM2K3] Footsteps? wow

How can I add a footstep noise for every square that the player moves?

I have done it once but I can't manage to do it anymore T___T

PS: !!!!

I forgot to say that the TERRAIN TAB's footstep doesn't do the work for me

It has to be done so I can make EVENT'S footsteps

List of plot twists?

I'm writing an RPG storyline, and I need some ideas for plot twists.

Sure there are lots of them on google but I'm looking for topics
inside RPGMAKER.NET that actually talk about this exact subject



Whats the difference between RPG Maker 2003 and RPG Maker Tsukuru 2003?

I just realized they are two separated things on games section...

Is this possible?

Is it possible to mix both "Psychedelic" with "Comedy" in terms of genre? and still get something good out of it?

(In general, games, films, everything)

What is the creepiest and most disturbing game you have ever played?

What is the creepiest and most disturbing game you have ever played?

- Not limited to engines or genres!

Event Proposal

Hi, my name is Kombosabo.

I would like to make a proposal for a fun event.

The event is very simple.

It's called "Nostalgic Contest"

Where the objective is to make a complete
playable game withim the time frame of 7 days.

The following rules should apply:
- The designer must choose between RPG Maker 2000 OR 2003 engines
- The game must use RTP graphics/music/resources only from both sources
- No specific game entries, the player can choose any genre or gameplay style, the only limit is the creativity

The purpose of this contest:
- To help the community re-live the good times
- To demystify the process of launching an early-stage game, encourage people to submit their ideas for feedback, and constructive criticism.

Also, by limiting the engine usage, we make things "even", and give the contests the same tools and resources.

And by making the deadline as short as 7 days, it also ultimately contributes to a stronger, more resilient community.

(Can someone agree with me that there are too many unfinished projects and developers stuck with ideas out there?)

I would like to know what you guys think about my idea and if you could give me some feedback.

Thanks! :)

My Tears Keep Flowing After Hearing These Five Words.

No, seriously..

The five words are:

and I have just one question for you guys, but only answer it if you've already spent COPIOUS amounts of time making GAMES.

"I actually want to know words and feelings that describe the emoticons that YOU as a player feels when you are playing a game that is really satisfing and amusing. "

By a perfect game I mean a game that would make you feel all emotions that you've never felt before, because the game is just so good and well made that you can't explain it with words.

If it ever existed of course...
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