I browse the forums every now and again, and comment very rarely, but I had to say that I've finished the game, it was a lovely time. Not too challenging (aside from the first trip through the forest on Palmira), but very charming and well paced.

Thanks for making it and if you end up making something else I'll definitely try it!

One last thing: I loved the Chrono Trigger-esque side quest, wished there was a little more... explained about the Lore? Though I get that you've kept it vague since that's not really the focus, and I liked it anyway.

One more last thing: I liked the way the bosses at the end of each section of the game almost acted as the end of an episode or something, so you can play it in chunks. or you can just binge it all

Final Fantasy IV Alter Destiny

I tried and got the same result, but I'll take your word for it and get it. Thanks :)

Final Fantasy IV Alter Destiny

So I just went do download the Google Drive version and my AV came up with a trojan alert. Not sure if fail-safe or not, just wanted to ask if it's safe.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

I tried doing a simple colour change, along with adding a curb on the stairs at the top. Is it any better? I wasn't really getting anywhere with the autotiles, but they definitely gotta change, the tint made it even more obvious how tiled it is.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

I'm having a bit of trouble deciding on how this sloped part of the road should look. The idea is that the road and the stairs are on the same level. The first picture is how it looks with no changes, and frankly it looks very flat. In the second one I've added cliff edges to simulate it going down, but there's still something bothering me about it

Does anyone have a good map pic that has a similar road to this? I'm betting that I'll have to make a new graphic anyway, maybe looking at another map would help.

Fan The Sea

Subscribed. This sounds awesome, I love this kind of investigation stuff.

Also I love the pun.

Soma Spirits

I just finished my first playthrough with the True ending. This game was a wonderful little adventure, if a little easy.

One minute thing I noticed, is that in the Frozen Fjord entrance cave you can see some purple pixels at the edges of the snow.

Fighting Robots Quest

Oh man, Aptitudes. I'm soo excited now. Like, this is HMs done right.

Starless Umbra

Ever since I saw some random clips of this game when I was looking through Youtube I was interested. Now that I've actually read and seen other screenshots/videos etc. I am so excited for this game. I hope you stick through with this. I'm probably gonna wait when you release all chapters until I play it, but good luck to you ;)

RPG 20XX Engine

Thanks for the responses.


Here's the entire project. Just tested it again to make sure that it works (or rather, doesn't work). Still the same result.
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