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Lakria Legends
Become one with Fate, or forge your own destiny. When a planet is on the brink of extinction, will you become its savior, or its downfall?



Let's Plays. owo

If you want another RPG to play, I can recommend my game Lakria Legends. It's a big game with a walkthrough even featured on the gamepage :)

Shadow Seeker

I will make changes with the things that bother you, like I said, it's not a problem. But as for the Theo stuff, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only other person using them, they're distributed online and as far as I know, it's only a problem if you're going commerical which I'm not at all.

Credits haven't even been worked out yet, I save it all until the end, which is why you never saw anything credited (yet!) I downloaded packs that came with a bunch of assortments and stuff from Theo, so whatever isn't good to use I guess, would be nice to know ahead of time.

Shadow Seeker

What do my beautiful eyes see there?
Graphics from my game "Alone - Eternal Nightmare & Alone - Cold Winter.
What's that supposed to mean?
Didn't you have the balls to ask me if you can use it in your game?"
And no credits entry? What the crap?
This is so honorless!

Which graphics belong to you? I have no problem removing or crediting you at all, I just want to know which ones specifically. And if anything is a problem, I apologize for it.

Misao Nomination Thread: A Year-Round Celebration of Gams!

where is the nomination button i also want to participate because i love this series of RMN .

Go the page of the game you want nominated, and click on the Nominate button on the game page's navigation. :)

Shadow Seeker Boss Fight! Spawn of Maldeja

"She's can't even breathe!"

Grammar mistakes aside, this looks so freaking cool. As always, you keep teasing us with one amazing thing after the other. This boss fight looks absolutely creepy! The music, the sound effects, simply put, it's greatness in the making!

Ahh that's true, can't believe I never saw that ha, nice catch! thanks a lot man, definitely wanted to make this encounter way more gruesome and unsettling than the first boss :D thank you for all the kind words and support <3

Tips for making maps?

I feel like everyone has a certain style of mapping that they excel in, for me it would be like the woods and forestry. To keep them interesting, I'd say just try and envision the area in your head, what would make it look nice and immersive? Try and picture yourself walking through that setting, what would you like to see?

Is it an RPG game? What kind of fantasy world would you like to live in and experience? Is it horror? Think of the most unsettling or scary environments and situations you'd hate to personally be in ha :) just some ideas

[RM2K3] The dreaded map tree error, but with something else...

I'm so glad you ended up saving your game my friend! Must feel very good and but also more aware now to always be backing up your files weekly or so :D

[RM2K3] The dreaded map tree error, but with something else...

I made a copy as a backup but after the error occurred. As I mentioned, I no longer can play the game when I opened my laptop. I don’t have a copy before this occurred but I do have a copy before I started messing with trying to fix the map tree error. I do believe that the cause was my laptop battery dying when I forgot to close the maker. Would you still be able to help me?

I'd be willing to give it a shot, I just might be able to fix it :)

[RM2K3] The dreaded map tree error, but with something else...

Do you still have a copy of the game before you tried replacing any files, while it's still corrupted? If so, I might be able to still help you. I have an old program Cherry made a while back then for fixing map tree errors. PM me, and let me see if I can help you :)

Lakria Legends


I'm currently playing this Game and I like it a lot :) but unfortunately I have a problem at using the Party Juwel. When i choose the fourth Member, the game starts to freezes short and skips some windows. What can I do? Then the item menu showed me that I still have 2 fairy ink but on the Paradies Insel at Pixxy it shows me 0? Bug?


Hey, glad to hear you're enjoying the game! :) Hmm, for the Party Jewel, I'm not too sure on what can be causing that bug. I haven't had that problem and I don't think anyone else has reported that. What windows are being skipped? :O

Do you remember where you got those Fairy Ink from exactly? They should all count and have counters, it used to be a bug before, but I was sure I fixed that.

Also, when did you just recently download the game? If it was from a while back then, that might be an older version. Let me know what happens exactly and I'll be sure to try my best to help! :) thank you for your input!