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Hey, the name's KrimsonKatt. I'm a indie game dev who makes RPGs. I'm also a catboi femboi, nyan! Anyways I have this whole series planned called "Chronicles of Chronicles" featuring over 50 projects in various different genres. I love playing video games, particularly platformers and RPGs, and my favorite series include Xenoblade, Fire Emblem, Kingdom Hearts, Hollow Knight, Pokemon, Persona/SMT, Castlevania, Undertale/Deltarune, Final Fantasy, Chrono, The Legend of Zelda, Kirby, Mega Man, Mario, Smash Bros, Drakengard/Nier, Mana, and Dragon Quest. I also like anime, manga, drawing, writing, comics, animated movies, marvel, music, etc. In other words, I'm a complete nerd. I'm also a waifu fanatic, my favorites being Pyra, Mythra, and Nia from Xenoblade 2, Mona from Genshin Impact, Pixie from SMT3 Nocturne, Ferris Argyle from Re:Zero, Astolfo from Fate;Apothryca, La Puchelle from Magical Girl Raising Project, 2B from Nier Automata, Rosa from Pokemon, Kirisu Makise and Mayuri Shiiha from Steins;Gate, and many more. My favorite anime is Steins;Gate, my favorite color is red, my favorite food is ribs, and my favorite drink is lemonade.

I have many games currently out and in the works. Here is a list of them:

Completed Games
-Chronicles of Light (RPG)
-Zero Gear Fighters (RPG)
-Dragon Ascension (RPG)
-Generic RPG Quest III (RPG)
-Meteo Chronicles (RPG)
-Crypt Challenge EX (Short RPG)
-Elzakalas: Beyond the End (Short Adventure Game)

Games in Development
-Meteo Chronicles R (RPG)
-Zero Gear Chronicles (RPG)
-Crypt Challenge DX (Short RPG)
-Mysteries of Feywild (Short RPG for Switch)

Planned Games
-Zero Gear Chronicles: Artifice of Absolution (RPG)
-Ebony Chronicles: Door of Destiny (RPG)
-Chronicles of Light Z (Meme Game RPG)
-Zero Gear Fighters Kai (Meme Game RPG)
-Super Dragon Ascension (Meme Game RPG)
-Elvengard Chronicles: Meteo Origin (RPG)
-Meteo Chronicles 2: Destiny of Darkness (RPG)
-Imprisoned Chronicles: Survival of Suffering (Survival RPG)
-ReUnion Chronicles: Azure Arrival/Vermillion Vestige (Adventure Game)
-Accursed Chronicles: What Lies Beneath (Short Survival Horror RPG)
-Darkling Chronicles: Invasion of Invocation (Short RPG)
-Legion Chronicles: The Bonds Beyond (Short Shump/RPG Hybrid)
-Chaos Chronicles: Beyond the End (Short Adventure RPG)
-Mega Man NEOS (Action Platformer)
-Firebrand Chronicles: Last Dragon's Elegy (Metroidvania ARPG)
-Genesis Chronicles: Beginning of the World (RTS/VN RPG Hybrid)
-Unreal Chronicles: Tactical Realms (TRPG)
-Boltman Chronicles Episodes I-VII (Episodic RPG)
-Jutara Chronicles Episodes I-IV (Episodic RPG)
-Revelation Chronicles: The Memory of Memes (Meme Game RPG)
-Convergence Chronicles: Destiny of Delusion (Meme Game RPG)
-Azure Chronicles: Supersonic Warriors (Episodic RPG)
-Azure Chronicles 2: Dark Days (Episodic RPG)
-Sakura Chronicles: Revolution of the Resolute (Metroidvania ARPG)
-Sakura Chronicles 2: Metamorphosis of the Material (Metroidvania ARPG)
-Countdown Chronicles: 33 Minutes Until Destruction (Action Platformer)
-The Faerie World (VR RPG)
-The Mermaid World (VR RPG)
-The End of Chronicles (Open World ARPG)

I hope you enjoy playing my games!
Lost Chronicles
A tale lost to the sands...



Crypt Challenge DX Ending Guide

Update: To experience Ending D, you must download the remastered version of this game, Crypt Challenge EX, remastered using RPG Maker MZ. It features a brand-new battle system, completely re-done balance, improved graphics, sound, and dialogue, brand new challenges, and a brand new ending! Now available for free!

The Secret Code

Yeah, it's actually quite easy. I pretty much gave you the answer lol.

The Secret Code


The Secret Code

Null can also mean non-existent, just to let you know. Just take out all the Megamans from the code and decode the words inside and you should have the code. And just to let you know, you are correct that 63 is somewhere in the code.

The Secret Code

You don't need any knowledge of megaman to solve the puzzle. It's a Rebus Puzzle, but instead of symbols it's merely words. Here are a few hints.

1: The passage mentions the term "megaman null" at the end. In code, what does null mean? This is the key to solving the puzzle.

2: After the first megaman, there is the characters "x3." This could either mean something multiplied by three or three of the number three. I let you figure that one out.

3: The word genderbend is mentioned. What is the internet slang for genderbend? Hmm?

4: The final password is a 6-digit number and is used in the tesseract realm in-game to unlock a secret OP class. Good luck.

A game-breaking bug has been found

I am 100% sure that all my image files are PNGs. I wouldn't have any .ase files as I don't use Asesprite. I use Gimp or Pixlr X for editing, and for custom sprites I use I rarely, if ever, use the "in-engine" files for saving in Gimp as I mainly use Pixlr X for convivence and that website saves your files automatically on the cloud. (though it sometimes deletes older ones if you don't have an account.) Plus, that's for VXA, not MV. They're similar on the surface, but a lot of things comparatively are very different, mainly coding stuff that I don't understand and how the game exports stuff. Plus, VXA doesn't have any built-in encryption while MV does. It's probably just faulty code or the plugins that I use's weird side-effects, including leftover code from plugins that I no longer use still in the .json or .js files. If I just release a new version without the encryption, which I'm currently working on, everything should be fine. The reason it's been a couple days is because right when the glitch was found I was in the middle of a complete balancing overhaul of my game, making releasing it in it's current state is not a very good idea until the balance changes are successfully implemented and stuff.

Crypt Challenge DX Version 1.0.1-1.0.4 is out NOW!!!

All 1.3 does is add in new dialogue explaining how the battle system works. Nothing too major. :)

My old games have been re-released! But…

The games are just as buggy as before in their current state. I lost the files to them a while back, but the re-mastered versions would have been completely bugfixed. However, since I made this post (It was a while ago) I decided to let the past be the past and move forward with new projects. Zero Gear Fighters and Dragon Ascension are only still up to keep the history alive. Thank you for understanding.

An Update

Yeah, the first version was broken, but I think I was able to iron out the bugs up to 0.2. I'm almost finished with 0.3, so look forward to that.

Beta 0.1.3 out now!

What audio file was it? I added a victory theme but doing so I changed the names of all the audio files so that caused problems.I plan to release a patch this weekend.
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