Happy (Early) Halloween! (+new profile pic/other updates)


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I like tights! They're comfy and easy to wear!
Hello everyone! KrimsonKatt here and as you may have noticed, I
changed my profile pic! This is to celebrate Halloween, the time of
the year all about spooky stuff. But instead of some spooky scary
skeletons of horrifying clowns, I changed my pic to an adorable
succubus! However, this succubus is not out for yo ass, she out for
yo candy! Cool huh? She's actually based of a character from one of
my old fanfics who turns into a succubus at night to save the city
or something like that. (pls don't read them... please...) Anyways
about my current affairs with RPG Maker. Generic RPG Quest 3 has been
put on hiatus due to technical difficulties, and I have begun work on
my magnum opus, Firebrand Chronicles! It is sorta a complete rewrite
of dragon ascension which in turn is a rewrite of chronicles of light.
All those games feature the same characters, but were VERY different people
all things considered. I actually have a lore explanation for this
that was to be explained in GRPGQ3, but due to technical difficulties
with the 0.4 and higher versions of the game it had to be put on hiatus. I might release a visual novel which is basically just a endless lore dump for my extended universe to prepare for Firebrand Chronicles and beyond so watch out for that. I'm making good progress on chapter 1 of FC and it will probably be ready to release it by Halloween. BTW FC is not episodic, just structured like something like Bravely Second or Fire Emblem with different chapters and such. Also be warned that the game takes HEAVY inspiration from the Elibe setting in Fire Emblem, so some names, story events, and locations may be similar. However, I assure you that the world of Firebrand Chronicles (aka Zutara) is it's own world from Elibe with it's own lore and history. Maybe it's a alternate version of Elibe as shown in Fire Emblem Heroes? (Hint hint nudge nudge.)
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