I have made a severe, and terrible, lapse in my judgement.


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I like tights! They're comfy and easy to wear!
So basically a few days ago I posted something really dumb on the forums here on RMN on the "Welp Welp" section. I thought it was funny at the time (and still sorta do) but it was really TMI and may have triggered some people. I am very sorry for making that dumb post, it was wrong and inappropriate, and it won't happen again. What I did could fly on some communities I visit on other sites like Reddit (even SFW ones) but obviously it did not fly here, which I did not know. I would kindly request that the rules on the website be made more clear so me and many others could better understand them, mainly the rules on NSFW content which is barely even mentioned in the rules, leading to confusion on what is allowed and what isn't. What I did was wrong and stupid, but I would have never done it if I understood the rules a bit better. Of course, I know about simple things like "Be nice," "Don't hack or troll," "Don't make alts," and "Don't do anything illegal." However, some things in the rules are a bit unclear, namely the things about NSFW content. It just says "Don't post anything unsavory" which the rules give some obvious examples like CP, gore, hentai, stuff like that. Due to what I did, the rules should also say something along the lines of "No talking about personal suggestive experiences on this site." That would be highly appreciated. Thank you for listening and I hope you can forgive me, again.
right, because you need to be told, exactly, not to talk about fapping to sprites. I think that fits pretty well under the term unsavory without extra information needed.

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