I'm back, baby!

Great to hear WheelMan, It's been a good 2-3 years since I played Umbral Souls and I still check for progress every few months! Wish you the best now that you are back home.

Umbral Soul

Hey man, long time no talk, haha. I hope you are doing ok despite your dificutlies and that you aren't straining yourself too much, your health will aways be the most important. Good luck with your recovery, i wish you only the best Wheelman.

Umbral Soul

Hey Wheelman. I decided to check into the website after a good few months of being busy. I was very shocked and saddened to hear you suffered a stroke, and extremely glad that you pushed trough it. As a fellow rmn user said above he does speak for all of us when he said we are all glad you are ok. On the other side, you put it well. What doesnt kill us makes us stronger. I remember when i got complications from a surgery a few years back. That was the most agonizing 6 hours of my life, but you push trough a warrior at the end. I know you will too. Watch your health, and i wish you to stay well. Dont worry about the game too much, we all know how much effort you are putting in it anyways. Be well man :)

Red Syndrome

The download isn't working? It says the dropbox file was deleted.

Kawamura Mansion

Is there a way for us to chose which character we use, or is it a linear story which always has us go trough the same character(s)? Looks awesome tho!


Wow! Looks awesome!

Liliput Legend

This looks really awesome! Quick question, just so i know, will there be a sorts of mechanic that changes the MC's personality depending on how much enemies they kill, or something of that sort? Or a sort of dialogue choice mechanic that makes you decide how the MC behaves? This might not be at all related to the game you are making but i just thought i'd ask, i'll play it anyways!

Outlaw City

Excuse me, i really want to play this game but the download isnt working? Can i have another link?

Update from November

Hope you feel well soon...

Memories From a Dream

This looks AND sounds absolutely insane! Subbed!
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