The god-like critique creature sleeps in its cave.
A roaring sound is heard whenever it breathes.
Beware his wrath, embrace his approvement.
You have not yet experienced true horror.

General Rating Table

The Formula:
(+++) = Perfect or Excellent
(++) = Very Good
(+) = Good
(0) = Neither Good Nor Bad
(-) = Bad
(--) = Very Bad
(---) = Horrendous

I do not formulate reviews upon request. I do them only on "The RMN Journey" or "The RMN Short-Trip" which is completely random and dependant on my mood. Testing Games and giving Bug Reports or General Feedback I do on request, sometimes even without. Realize that I am nothing more than a gamer. I have no technical expertise in making games or writing scripts of any sort. If I Review a game positively it means that I think that the general crowd would also enjoy the game. If I Review a game negatively it means that I think that it won't be liked. I may be mistaken.

Do NEVER ask me to promote your game. Do NEVER request that I open a thread talking about your game. Do NEVER expect ANYTHING from me. I WILL disappoint you. Except if we are friends. Do ask me if we can be friends, but only if you can take rejection. That's all.

And no, I'm not such an hard-ass. I'm just playing around. If you're nice, I'll be nice too :)

If you are actually interested in my stuff, here is my List of Reviews

The one thing that will always stay above anything anybody will ever tell me.
The one thing that will always shine brighter than any random RMN quote.
wow. so indepth. much complex. very review. *play intensifies* - kentona
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