L Is for Love

Thank Adonai because I was worried I'd need to put a team together to start counting every single spot of yellow. Sorry, bro, this is what happens when a man starts getting desperate up against a puzzle. I feel like a rat plucked from the sewer tweaking out just to get at that gouda you've hidden behind a single strand of electric wire lol.

I figured it out! See, the hints in game for the math is solid, but the trouble was that I did not expect to input the numbers as a string or code. It subverted my expectations for sure!

L Is for Love

Have you downloaded version 1.0.5 or above? If that's not the case, there's a new hint that tells the player that yellow flowers should be multiplied times 1, and you have to guess the times you have to multiply the white flowers and the red flowers respectively. The small trees that appear in the courtyard matter.

Don't hesitate to ask me again if you can't guess the solution, this puzzle is really infamous and I admit I could have presented it better.

Is it based upon the amount of pixeled flowers upon each tree and plant within the house, or simply based upon the number of yellow plants and trees rather than the tiny flowers themselves? I only ask because I couldn't get 4 x 1 to work for the yellow plants when basing it off of the number pots & trees. I'm sort of an idiot when it comes to puzzles tbh lololol.

Thank you for responding btw, so far it's a very neat experience and I've enjoyed what I've been able to experience so far.

L Is for Love

sorry for the double comment

L Is for Love

Even after studying the Botany book's hint, I still do not understand the courtyard puzzle. Are we only supposed to add up one flower's # at a time or combine the number? Idk, the code is confusing for me. Can you give me another hint??

Either way, I'm enjoying it so far and would like to see the end of Liam & Lydia's story.
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