Zelda The Wand Of Gamelon

Wow un autre amateur de RPG qui parle la langue de ..Molière? XD bref je trouve sa assez drole :P

For those of yo uwho wondered what I said I was just telling I was suprise to find someone else who speaks french here XD

What are you working on?

I'm still working on my game everyone think will suck XD. I just found the title for it. Shattered Universe. And well i'm still really early in it. I'm thinking the story up.I made the intro and that's pretty much we're I am . work and school suck my time =/. Oh and I'm building my database yet again because the last time I worked on a game it was so long ago I changed computers lol.

Chrono Trigger DS

You know guys..I don't understand why you complain about the Lost Sanctum XD . it's OPTIONAL! you don't have to do it if you don't want to :P you won't lose anything from not doing it! Granted,it is just a mash up of random Chipset of other places with recolored monsters. But at least you don't have to do it XD . I did it and it's not THAT bad...it's just a bunch of fetch quest. But the other one the Dimensional vortex. Is pretty nice! Well it's better than the Lost Sanctum. And yes, the monster arena suck. That, I must approve.

*insert cool "hi" variation here*

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Also, Canada Represent! (it's fucking cold!)

Yes.Yes it is. A LOT o.o

*insert cool "hi" variation here*

ANd yours is of Ryu which is ok in mine XD:P

*insert cool "hi" variation here*

Thanks for your support pantsman:P And yes I'll try to blend in XD. But since I go to school,work and have to play rpg's I don't have lot's of time for internet XD

Current idea

Well I'll list it by games.

Chrono Trigger: this game made me love rpg..it'll have a place..but I don't know how big it'll be.

FF 1,6,7,9 My favorites..they'll all have at least a cameo and I might put squall somewhere too.

Mario : He's mister videogames..he'll be there loll

Link: Because I love him ..oh and yeah. he won't talk at all:) (crono neither)

Sora: He already come from a crossover game lol

Sonic: Because he also represent videogames.

And for the rest I'm not sure for now i'll see who fits well in it .

Also if anyone have suggestion for characters or anything feel free to post them!! If i like the Idea i'll had it ! (you can even suggest items from games or anything..story...anything ! :P )

RPGS... you've beaten

Ok..so since I actually collect rpg this is gonna be long. I'll only list the one I owned. I warn you the list might be quite long..and For your reference I ave around 150 games I didn't even tried yet...which is lame I know loll.

Completed:9those without comment have been completed 1 time)
FF1(On ps1 and psp)
FF7(Like everyone else lol)
FF10(easy -_-)
Chrono Trigger(around 10 times on SNES,3 times on ps1 and 13 times on DS)
Chrono Cross
Radical Dreamer
Xenosaga Episode 1
Xenosaga Episode 2
Xenosaga Episode 3
Dark Cloud (if it count)
Dark Cloud 2
Kingdoms heart 1
Kingdoms heart 2
Ar tonelico
Atelier Iris 1
Wild Arms 3
Wild arms 4
wild arms 5
Suikoden 4(with every character :D)
Rasphody A musical adventure( The DS one)
Secret of mana
Seiken densetsu 3 (or however it's wrote XD )
legend of dragoon
Grandia 3
Tales of Phantasia
Tales of Legendia
Tales of Symphonia
Blue Dragon
Lost Odessey
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles(on DS if it counts)
Mario and Luigi Super star saga
Mario and Luigi Partners in time
Pokemon Yellow
Pokemon Silver
Pokemon Crystal
Pokemon Pearl
Pokemon Colosseum
Every Zelda (if they count)
Shining Tears
Fable 2
Evolution Worlds of sacred devices
Phantom brave
Growlanser 2
Growlanser 3
Steambot Chronicles
Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3
Sonic Chronicles The dark brotherhood
.Hack Infection
The world ends with you
FF Mystic Quest
Arc the lad Twilight of spirits
...my memory sucks that thos ei can think off i'll update that later XD

FF4( got Killed by a chest monster near the end of th elast dungeon and i said f*ck off!
FF3(Got killed by the last boss and didnt bother redoing the last dungeon over again
FF5(Got bored before the end)
FF8(To boring cant go over CD 2 XD )
FF12(I hated it couldnt finish it )
Atelier iris 2 (Too repetitive started something else before finishing it XD )
Disgea DS(never ogt into it really)
Wild arms XF (got bored)
final fantasy tactics(ps1) (got bored too XD )
FFT advance 2 (Ditto FFT)
Xenogears(Got bored XD)
suikoden 3 (got bored)
The last remnant(I'm not sure if i'll continue it )
Fallout 3 (good but..I get to stressed playing it XD)
Elder Scroll 4 Oblivion(ditto fallout 3 )
FF2(on ps1 and psp. I don't like the system =/)
And a bunch of others i can't think about right now.

*insert cool "hi" variation here*

Well hello all! The name Francis ..or Frank I live in Quebec,Canada(so yeah my first language is french so I might make a couple of syntax and grammar error..so sorry in advance.) I love rpg's i've been playing them since I'm 5 years old (started with Chrono Trigger at that age). I also have a pretty huge collection (over 300 games..and about 150 I didn't even try yet loll on every possible console .) I laso like Rpgmaking(which is why I found this place in the first place :P) Has I said in another post i'm trying to make a GOOD crossover of most popular game into one..a bit like brawl or kingdoms heart...if it fail well i'll just do something 'normal' . Anyway that's pretty much it about me :)

Current idea

Well yeah also XD But in kingdoms hearts FF Characters I think they we're not awared of you know there "back story" I mean Yuffie aerith seem to had came from the same world has Leon(Squall) Anyway..once I got started you'll understand ^^' But yeah i'm trying to achieve something like KH...a good story in a good crossover ^^'
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