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Well hello all! The name Francis ..or Frank I live in Quebec,Canada(so yeah my first language is french so I might make a couple of syntax and grammar error..so sorry in advance.) I love rpg's i've been playing them since I'm 5 years old (started with Chrono Trigger at that age). I also have a pretty huge collection (over 300 games..and about 150 I didn't even try yet loll on every possible console .) I laso like Rpgmaking(which is why I found this place in the first place :P) Has I said in another post i'm trying to make a GOOD crossover of most popular game into one..a bit like brawl or kingdoms heart...if it fail well i'll just do something 'normal' . Anyway that's pretty much it about me :)

Current idea

Hi everyone! I'm new here. I was looking for a while now for a place where I could submit my rpgmaker2003 games ! I have a bit of experience with it but just throw out everything i've tried out so far loll. Currently I'm starting to develop a unique kind of rpg.. Something "à la super smash bros" A game where lot's of popular character will be togheter fighting for the same cause..I just don't know what it is yet . I don't want it do be some stupid "n00bish f4ngame" loll.

I'm thinking of making for example..link looking for zelda in hyrule has the tutorial or maybe a quest for every "game world" for the beginning and them make all of them join afterward. I know it sound really fanboyish but trust me i'll try hard so it'll just make you go ...HEY ! I know that character!

I'll also try to have a deep story at the same time...anyway it's an ambitious project I know but i'll try it.
Anyone who want to request some character world are welcome to do it! Oh and by the way if you hadn't notice yet my first language isn't english..so i'd kinda need someone to correct my syntaxe error in the game too :P

I'll start right away looking for some ressources(since everything i had was on my old computer loll) Anyway I hope to get a lot of support from you guys! :)
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