I love watching people play horror/dark/mystery rpg maker games on YouTube, and this looks like it's gonna be awesome. Best wishes!

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

Messing around making Game Boy graphics.

Times, they be a changin'

Dude, I am in love with that oldschool look. Keep that $#!% up!

[RMMV] Hello from KySprite!

Ky will be fine, thanks for the nick name :)
Nicknames are love <3
Enjoy your stay!

I think I will, I appreciate it

[RMMV] Hello from KySprite!

Welcome to RMN Ky! :D

Thank you , BlackWolf :)

[RMMV] Hello from KySprite!

I'll just call you Kayle then! .. wait .. Kyle.. wait

Well, enough silly.
I like Y tho, so I am pleased with Ky!

Ky will be fine, thanks for the nick name :)

[RMMV] Hello from KySprite!

Thanks for the welcomes, Sooz and Pianotm!

[RMMV] Hello from KySprite!

hello, RMN!
I go by KySprite (that's short for Kyle-Sprite, fyi)
I'm a growing artist, learning the mystic ways of the pixel. I'm interested in creating custom tiles/tilesets, monster battlers/sprites/icons, and any other way I can breath life into a game through my arts. I'm currently developing an RPG with my brother, who is not currently apart of these Forums, but will likely join in time.
I'll keep this short, and post more on our game in other threads.
Thanks, RMN
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