Avantasia The Game

Hello :)

I just downloaded the game (I'm really excited to play it too!!) but I get a weird error when I open the game.
I start the game, the screen loads, I can even hear the music but when I select "New Game" I get an error from the bestiary script?

I downloaded the game twice, first from here and then tried again from but with both files the same thing happens. Help? >_<

Demon Hunter

Hello, I'm playing the game and really loving it! :)
However I'm having a bit of an issue in Accu City and I wanted to know if there's only one way to get the explosives?
I think I didn't do things in the right order and the problem is probably around the Concert Hall. I was curious and went into the Concert Hall before going to see Anastasia first and when I went out of it I saw the scene of the Demon Hunters talking about going to kill the Legion and entering the building..
After THAT I went to Anastasia for the first time and she sends me for the hermit to help and I find in the path that I need explosives to get pass it and when I get back to the city and find the Shady guy.. he tells me to go into the Concert Hall for his friend.. but in the Concert Hall everyone is already dead and my only option is to kill the Legion and save those souls trapped.. and then the building goes boom! XD
Now I'm stuck with the Shady guy because he is still telling me to go find his 'dead' friend.. >_<

I'll be playing a bit more still got one cave in Cancan route I didn't explore.. but I just wanted to know if I should start over the game (bc the previous save I had was right after I entered the Concert Hall! WHY?!) or if I dunno.. maybe I won't miss a lot if I just keep going to the next city? xD
Thanks for any reply in advance! :D
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