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Green Dragon
Red Dragon
Golden Dragon
Blue Dragon
Black Dragon
Royal Blue Dragon
Rainbow Dragon
Rainbow Dragon V.2
Shadow and Light Dragon (small)

"If you ever plan on taking over the planet with your dragon army, know that you have my full support XD"

A general guideline to my review ratings:

0.5 - 2 = meh
2.5 - 3.5 = decent, if flawed / polished, but boring
4 - 5 = naisu
Sorceress to Be
A dragon sorceress comes to an amusement park

Contest Games :: a playlist on

Let's Make a Game!
A bunch of friends get together to make a game...
Mystic Bell Sa・Ga: ヅルスタン...
Form an army of monsters and climb the tower of the Mystic Bell
A Bad Game
A short game about bad people
The Legend Of Rogue Amul...
A dungeon crawler adventure with a simple character-growth system and random generated dungeons.
IS: Another Story
IGMC 2015 entry
Another World: Tree of P...
Adrian a regular person transported in to a new world. Join him on a Adventure into Another world.
Half-Off Hero: The World...
Defeat evil, save the day and sell, sell, sell.
Blacksword Chronicles
Epic tale of sword and sorcery. IGMC 2015 entry.
The story of Escalia follows Fayhe Corin, Olivia's magically gifted daughter, and her friends Lumia and Seyfer as they find themselves in a series of unfortunate events that could spiral out of contro
Grist of Flies
Travel an underground tunnel in search of survivors and safety!
Free Spirits
A historical urban fantasy RPG where you DON'T punch ghosts in the face.
Stock Trader Hiyo!
Economic crisis is striking the monster world due to a group of humans called heroes who likes to steal loots. As a result, job opportunity is pretty limited and many monsters become unemployed. Our m
Blue Moon Circus
A small story-driven adventure game that takes place on a circus.
There's Beauty in the Bl...
Experience a relatable story of indivuality, sexuality, and motherhood.
Resonate ~call out my an...
A girl and her newfound friends must grow a tree to return home.
My Little League Team wa...
Just trying to retrieve a baseball, children uncover an alien invasion plot!
everything is going to b...
A game for IGMC 2015
Red Syndrome
The red mist grows...
Console Hunt 2
Once again the hero enters hell to find his NES console!
Operation: Bulletfire
A simple 2D FPS made by a group of high-school boys.
Sword of Light II (Seque...
Sword of Light II is the new sequel of the Sword of Light mini-rpg with a slightly longer play time (35-45 minutes, not including end game content).
AMOK - RobotFightArena
Fighting a Robot with bare fists and legs!
Lamia must die!
One of the winning entries of Encounters of Boss Kind contest
Peeking at Stars
Where's my Mom?
Save your mother and kill the Dark Ghoul!
Royce's Chimera
A story-driven dungeon crawler with an unusual equipment system.