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Rainbow Dragon
Rainbow Dragon V.2
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"If you ever plan on taking over the planet with your dragon army, know that you have my full support XD"

A general guideline to my review ratings:

0.5 - 2 = meh
2.5 - 3.5 = decent, if flawed / polished, but boring
4 - 5 = naisu
Sorceress to Be
A dragon sorceress comes to an amusement park

Random stuff :: a playlist on

Just Right
A dark puzzle adventure game about a girl and three bears
Pestilence Stirs
A doctor sent by the King to cure the plague for nobles find himself questioning his duty.
Tangerine Demo
2 Freelancing Mercenaries try and save a small town from the curse of the Goblin King
Dys: Eternal Space Jail ...
Escape an inescapable space jail in this 1st-person dungeon crawler!
Before you know it, you're already in Hell.
To Crime Nirvana
A boss game about crooks
Notes From Province
There's a lot of good in life. You just have to look for it.
Once Upon A Spirit
Its soul is lost! Clung to the crow! Find it! Find it in the realm of spirits!
Peggy's Puzzling Polterg...
Entry for Ebeth's itchio Short and Sweet jam.
Alpaca Moon
Alpacalatformer made for the CFN Game Jam 2018. Made in Unity.
Dream Quest: Knight and ...
The knight Gwyn must travel to the land of Dreams to rescue Princess Isela!
Titenic 2
Escaping a maze in a ship filled with obstacles before the ship sinks.
Abyssal Shine: Nevermelt
Made for IGMC 2017. You are part of a secret order that is looking for a missing artifact.
Retro Fatale
A text adventure about escaping from your game collection. Game Gale 2010.
Zell Menace
A Vertical Shoot-em-up
Birthday Kid
It's your birthday! You should go greet your guests...
Once Upon the Woods
A Hansel and Gretel short RPG made for the RMW One map game challenge.
A little girl had a special friend. One day during their conversation, the girl was let in on a good idea.
Day Dreaming Derpy
Part-timer Mom by Day... Dreamwalker By Night
Romancing Monarchy
Ascend the throne in an old-school fantasy JRPG!
Brutal - The New Challen...
The definitive arcade fun game for RPG Maker!
Final Fantasy vs. Dog
Cecil faces his greatest challenge yet...
The Only One Girl { Firs...
"Fate has such a sense of humor, doesn't it? My life has become the plot of a cheesy otome!"
Return home and find love
Cursed Town
Discover thet dark story of this abandoned town and its inhabitants.
Full of Mysteries
A short quest RPG with horror elements...
Babashook: The Game
Eat A Cact2s
a game you never thought you'd want to play 2
Shrek and the Wizard
25 short mario like levels full of ogretastic adventures!
You cant save the world... but maybe you can save yourself.
A short adventure game filled with cute kitty cats!
Three Ghostly Noses
A Three Ghostly Roses fangame by someone who hasn't played Three Ghosty Roses
Someone Stole a Necklace
Made in 10 days for the RMN 10th Birthday Event (Retromania).
Maja's Wish
Encounter and help a ghost.
Social Caterpillar
Abstract puzzle game about introversion.
A short minimalistic Exploration/Yume Nikki Fangame
Drill Guy
The Shadows have taken over the Underground World. Only a miner and his drill can save everyone now!
Luna and the Stars
Save the Night!
Human Sacrifice
Joe has a bad day. Can you see him through it?
Death Girl Mows the Lawn
A game about coping with loss via anime.
Apocalypse Never
Comedic game following a 27 year old shut-in trying to escape his home.
Ocean's Dream
Fulfill Ocean's dream of finding a woman by working hard and buying gifts, before Caz steals all the chicks!
An alternate take on the classic fairytale of Rapunzel. Puzzle game with horror elements.
Super Toaster X: Learn J...
A sentient piece of bread must battle the nefarious Doctor Dough.
Silence! The Elder Speak...
Make Some Choices... In a Forest!
Blue Moon Circus
A small story-driven adventure game that takes place on a circus.
What if your mother replace you with another little girl?
A short puzzle RPG
Finding Chibae
Three small children explore a cave to find a legend
Babysitting the Brat
Usually a babysitter get's paid to watch TV and eat other people's food while someone's kid sleeps.
The Lone Chameleon
A challenging puzzle-game with simple mechanics
Joseph's Farm
~1hr of creepy puzzles
The Titanium Ten
A pub crawl of epic proportions around the city of New Odyssey. Danger, excitement, and drinking galore!
Living the Nightmare
A Pokemon fan game
Dont Eat The Purple Ones
A timeless Comedy RPG about four friends who get stranded in an old mansion.
Enter the Arena to become the strongest, or grab a friend and battle against each other.
Secret of the Necronomic...
horror dungeon swap game!
Shin Megami Tensei: The ...
SMT fangame remade under MV.
The messenger and the cu...
A messenger has to fulfill his duty or die trying
Victim of Xen the miniga...
The story follows Cleo, a young girl that has quite an unusual day...
I am ledgend
Based off the movie I am ledgend
The platform you must live though!
Fear Mythos: The RPG
Defeat the undefeatable
Last Dream
Last Dream incorporates the best features of classic RPGs: replayability and complete immersion into a vast world, rich with detail.
A Zeldaish RPG filled with puzzles and secrets. (unencrypted w/ full walkthrough included)
As a gatekeeper (an avatar of god-lite forces), Ganymede must prevent reality from collapsing into a singularity, even though reality is weakened by his very existence.
do not play this game it's a trap a trap
Paradox of Creation (AKA...
A broken world, with a surviving inn. To survive, those survivors must venture into the world without knowing what awaits them.
A action-based platformer based on the classic 8-bit games
Will you ever return?
Death, Inferno and a revisiting.
The Ocarina
The short RPG with only one map.
Rot: A Kinetic Novel
A kinetic novel dealing with some REALLY heavy issues.
Radiant Soul: A Jolly Re...
Tis The Season To Be Jolly!
Trick or Treat
Demonic Halloween bite sized Retro RPG.
Cheeseohol 2
A Wii Drinking Game
The Seventh Door
A supernatural thriller-noir adventure game.
The Muddy Sand Game
A Veritable Sandbox of a Timewaster
Journey's End: Alex vs E...
Climb the tower. Kill the bad guy. Save the world.
An Earthly Inheritance
A short RPG where you are not the hero! You're not even the player! Made for the GAGM Event in 2015.
KindergarTen 2 - Daddy
I must investigate her house...
The Secret Testament
Lucifer has escaped from Hell and plots to restart the Universe. Now his twin brother must team up with God to stop him.
The Journey 2
Scientologists, ancient all-powerful limbs, and a certain boyman destinfated to change the world...!
Console Hunt 2
Once again the hero enters hell to find his NES console!
Strategy board game based on Sid Meier's Civilization
Japan: Jubei's Vengeance
Play in Feudal Japan in this adult's only game! 1 Year Development
Pokemon Nighmare: Invasi...
An action adventure horror with Pokemon graphics
Girl's Graveyard: Redux
Sweet... Like candy.
Time and Time Again
An RPG that throws you back in time just as you think you got it...
The Quest of Dude II: Th...
Made for the Action 52 Game Event (Remake of Dude's Incredible Adventure (RM95))
The World Ends With You:...
A Score-Attack Arcade game with RPG features based on the cult classic, The World Ends With You.
Swirly The Game
For All Of The 8-Bit Fans , Side Scrolling Fans And Others Too!
The Sword and the Fish
(the second greatest story ever told)
Nsala Liberation
An amazing African adventure.
Vae Turpis Eons
A short ABS test game with small story snippets from a larger project.
God's Death 3 version 1....
A dark psychological RPG: Travel through a world full of pain and loneliness. Only with a heart full of light you can save the world! But you are not all alone...
The Citadel
A myterious Citadel. Three people. A whole destiny.
Halo Reacharound: Extenz...
The World Hates You.
Knight's Dungeon
Solve word, number, color, push-block, and music puzzles to advance through the dungeon. Earn hints in a parallel game.
One man cracks the code the universe is written in, and builds a city.
Squish nefarious enemies, solve blocktastic puzzles, and thwart creepy villains, all with a single statue!
Man's Best Friend
Miles sets out to find his lost dog - a short exploration game
Redeeming Legacy
Original 2007 Version.
Fishbate the worm
A simple platform game
Aidas Strange Christmas
A christmas tale of the darker kind.
DotAgumons Adventure
A mini game about a lost DotAgumon, which has to find its way back home.
Puzzle Tower
Game made for an RRR competition with dire restrictions
The Case of the Man Who ...
There's been a murder in Ral Castle, and you have to find out who the culprit is!
Time Vortex™
a Sci-fi RPG Games that tell about Alex's Time Adventure
Esoterica: The Dreamlike
A submission for the Summer Games competition
Eomnium Project
A tragic trip into the surreal that debates the importance of life...
ADILAGA - Clash of the L...
Ever-replayable Role-Playing Fighting Game
Miracle on RTP Street Cl...
Christmas Splatter
The Unwelcome Guest
A classic horror point-and-click game
The Adventures of Prince...
A Russian Fairy Tale ~ Visual Novel
Stranger than Fiction
Discover the mysteries of an ancient alien tower on a deserted planet in this word puzzle game!
Blank Slate
A puzzle-exploration horror game made in 36 hours for Ludum Dare 26.
Fighting Fish: The Legen...
The first game we made. It's super cheesy, but funny.
Mandew vs. the Forever R...
save your crops from being flooded by jumping alot!
Shensetta - The Glory St...
An Action Platform RPG Sim.
Short dungeon crawler made for a high school Philosophy class
Monster Love Party
A short comedy horror game in time for Halloween!
Magus Spirits
Encounters of the Boss Kind contest second place winner.