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"If you ever plan on taking over the planet with your dragon army, know that you have my full support XD"

A general guideline to my review ratings:

0.5 - 2 = meh
2.5 - 3.5 = decent, if flawed / polished, but boring
4 - 5 = naisu
Sorceress to Be
A dragon sorceress comes to an amusement park



Theme Roulette 4

Contact to "Kylaila" ?

I have been summoned : ) I replied to your PM. Sorry about the hassle!

RMN Christmas Card 2020


Go, go Frogge!

I've literally just fallen down a hole <3

I'd answer all of these, but they almost made me laugh during a meeting, hahahaha.
Wonderful status posts. Thank you

RMN Christmas Card 2020

Marrend's famous! Do not put yourself down : ) You are the face of our rite of passage. So it's just a thing of people not usually pointing towards it much

There's a staff born every minute

Congrats indeed~

School loans paid. Now what do I do

You are way ahead of me. I am on my way to getting some!

RMN Christmas Card 2020

50 Days of Representation

I don't know. I can respect it if the event would rather focus on marginalized voices talking about their own experience, because as a straight white upper middle class dude, I do not have first hand experience on what opressed groups go through, and it'd be insensitive of me to pretend that I do. If that is the case, I'll still make my game, but I'll release it outside the jam.

However, if it's still okay to participate, I'll try my best to make something good to support the causes without pretending I know things I couldn't possibly have lived through. Incindentally, that's why the story is told from the perspective of the matchmaker, not the single people.

Happy to see you join though! (same for everyone else)

See, I have the issue that I will need to come up with a story beyond the circumstances of my own experience, while (hopefully) drawing from and incorporating that experience.
Given the fact that it's a continuous gender experience in my case that I am faaar from having incorporated fully into my daily life....... yeah. I am like, terrified of diving in there for this event, though I love the idea of it at the same time.

It can be a strength to not be in the midst of it sometime! Is what imma try n say. As long as you research proper or maybe ask for some feedback during the process I see no problem. (your description sounds hELLA cute, btw! I would love to play something light-hearted :D We need those too)

Edit: Oh yeah. Reading up more. Eh, more diversity is good! Neurodiversity is good too! I meet a lot of people WITH it, yet unless you look more into things yourself, you really KNOW little about even the basics. (autism, tourette etc.)

Go for it!


Sushi > cake.

Let's grab sushi