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Rainbow Dragon V.2
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"If you ever plan on taking over the planet with your dragon army, know that you have my full support XD"

A general guideline to my review ratings:

0.5 - 2 = meh
2.5 - 3.5 = decent, if flawed / polished, but boring
4 - 5 = naisu
Sorceress to Be
A dragon sorceress comes to an amusement park


[Poll] Winterruption Favorite Motivational Dragon!

Browser RMN Games Wanted

Hello there!
I am out and about on a clinic visit, and while I can go to an internet café spot, I can't quite download games.

So .. do you know any (ideally unreviewed) games I can play on a normal browser?
I need that meat.

Weekly Speedpainting Series

Hello there artsy folks,
My sister and I have started a little series to motivate ourselves to get shit done!
Join in on the fun!

Roughly each week we set a theme to draw a speedpainting. Ranging between a few minutes and a few hours.

If you are interested, just sign up below and show your stuff by the end of each week!
Feel free to explore and stretch the theme to your liking and use any medium (traditional/digital art) and style (pixel etc.) you'd like to use.

Next Theme: Halloween

('cause it's that time of the year)

The first week's theme was underwater world, to give an example.
Themes are taken from a list and can either be the place, a focus or an atmosphere. Like rain, martial arts, cutesy, robots, horsemen fight, to name a few. (feel free to post suggestions)

Previous Themes:
1. Underwaterworld
2. Forest Temple
3. Waterfall
4. Ant Colony
5. Cutesy
6. Martial Arts
7. Cloudy Sky
8. Wolf
9. Volcano
10. Hidden Objects
11. Horsemen
12. Card Game
13. Space Ship
14. Water snake
15. Dance
16. Feeding Animals
17. Kraken
18. Storm
19. Hands
20. Masquerade
21. Arctic
22. Robots
23. Scary / Uncanny

One does not simply ...

As suggested here, this shall be a game!
Though endeth the written sentence

One does not simply ... make a thread without proofreading

Edit: .. Holy cow, I copied the wrong stuff for the title!
I really should try to sleep some more. This is bad.

The ^ < v game

Let's play one more commenting game!
Haven't seen that yet, and I think it'd more fun than just lying specifically.

It's as simple as commenting the person above, yourself and then the one below like so

^ vanished into thin air

< has really nothing better to do in order to not get back to work

v is eating a chicken, probably a drumstick

Random Art Compilation

I've been meaning to attempt pixel art, and thought I could share some of my stuff as well.
But seeing as I probably won't consistenly upload more, and don't have much of interest to show off anyway, I thought we could start a thread where we try to help eath other improve a bit, and where everyone whith less to show can share single (or more) images.

Just finished that one. A great outlet for a bad day, although I didn't finish it then. Please tell me what you think!

I've been trying around with Paint every now and then, but seeing how working with a mouse and being left-handed sucks, I didn't get into it.

Like this one a few years ago as well as my avatar.

I did hear that MyPaint was a decent free software, though. But I'll probably wait for a tablet and then think about it.

Got myself PyxelEdits free version, but honestly, pixel art is so different, I have no idea how or where to start. I tend to start without a clear idea, which seems to be a very bad idea.

Critique always appreciated. How do you guys go about making pixel art anyhow?
Is it just about investing more time or are there any basic concepts to apply?

Free cookies inside

Hello there, everyone!
I've been lurking on rmn quite a bit, as I've been enjoying rpg maker games, but I never felt the urge to sign up. I thought I should change that, it's a nice place to be around.
I mainly play on consoles, jrpgs/rpgs-esque preferably with my favorite series being SMT (Digital Devil Saga has been my most loved game overall, I'd say)
So on the PC I prefer to play Indie or multiplayer titles. Especially weird stuff.
I also take to reviewing .. I really like to give feedback and possible ideas for improvement. There is much potential in people.. and thus in their games just the same.

Oh yeah, I'm from Germany, so please have some mercy on me should I screw up. If you ever need something direly translated from German, just give me a hollar.

I'm a friendly fella, ready for all kinds of mischief. *have some cookies*
I might not be that active in the forum part, but glad to be aboard!

Free cookies inside

Edit: I don't know why, but it ended up twice. Please delete/move. Thank you kindly in advance!
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