I born
I grow
I Kid!

I've been playing with the RPG Maker series and sprites and events on and off since 2000. That said, don't expect any master pieces here. Just looking to to make my games and hopefully make something fun at the same time.

Sub-cultures I belong to:
- Gamers (Table Top, Live Action, Improvisation)
- Furry (I"m CLEAN I SWEAR! No Smut here, not in games not in posts)

Musical Likes:
- Rap (Eminem, ICP, Fresh Prince, Corporate Avenger, KMK, Dirty Dozen/D12, Mos Def)
- Heavy Metal (Metallica {Old School + Death Magnetic}, Megadeth, White Zombie, Rob Zombie)
- Melodic Speed Metal (Sonata Arctica, Blind Guardian, Wizards and Warlocks {Colab between the 2})
- Techno (Trance, Drum and Bass, Jungle)
- JPop (Particularly fond of the Soul Eater soundtracks, Rozen Maiden Soundtracks, TM Revolution)

Game Likes:
(Coming soon, when I have more time to write)


03/10/2012 08:26 AM