Hello everyone, I do not make any games, at least not yet (Who knows what the future may hold?) but I am an avid player and appreciator of many RPG Maker games.

I do playthroughs of RPG Maker games on my YT channel, and I submit them into media here when I do. Channel here:


Question about posting Let's Plays

How many videos should one submit in a single Let's Play submission? Should I submit each one individually, or submit them in batches of 3 or 4 at a time? What's the preference here for most people? I posted all 3 of my Darkness LP vids in one submission and it was accepted, and I'm gonna submit my Desert Nightmare run soon which is 7...

Also, if I am currently in progress of doing an LP, should I post each one individually as I upload them to Youtube, or wait until I have multiple videos and submit them in one thing like I did with Darkness?

Just not sure what people here prefer, I'd like to do it the way the community prefers as I don't really mind either way!
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