I've been playing with RM2K since 2000. Been working on my current project since 2006. My approach to game-making involves attempting to do things that I've never seen in other games, and incorporating all of the elements of film making (lighting, music, symbolism, deep structure, plot twists, panning, zooming, cuts, etc.) into game making. The RPG's I've spent the most time playing are FF1 and FF6, followed by Super Mario RPG, FF4, and FF5.
The Sun Is A Star
Fantasy RPG with 6-character party size and mild humor


(Solved) My Avatar Gone

For the past 10 years or so, I've had a picture of "The Most Interesting Man In The World" as my forum avatar. It was probably more relevant and resonant back then than it would be now. Either way, to the extent that I have any sort of recognition or brand on this site (I mostly don't), that avatar may be associated with it.

Well anyways, my avatar is now blank. Did some moderator delete it due to some reason? I could reupload it if it just got lost for no reason. If it got deleted with reasons, then no one sent me a message of their reasoning; so I mean... lesson not learned and I'll just do it again.

Post Download of Incomplete Game?

I'm pretty sure I included a game installer with my game upload. My game has been approved, but the installer is not included. My game is currently incomplete, but about 85% done. At first, I thought "it's okay that the download is missing, this gives me time to enhance the game before anyone starts playing it. I can add the installer later." At any rate, as time goes by, my game will shift further down the list of "New Games," and lose visibility before anyone plays it.

I'd like feedback of whether it's preferred to post a game download while the game is in progress so people can try out the incomplete version, or if I should wait until it's complete. Do people mind playing incomplete games?

The current amount of quality gameplay is probably 12-20 hours before the towns and dungeons start getting janky / incomplete in what would be the final 2-5 hours of gameplay.

RM2K(3) charsets that match monstersets

Hello, my game has touch encounters, therefore I've decided that for every enemy type in my game, I'm going to need matching charsets and monstersets. They don't have to be so very identical, but for example, if I have an ogre monsterset, I can't use it unless I find a corresponding ogre charset. I'm not looking for ogres in particular, in fact, I have a match for that, but my question is...

I have hundreds, maybe thousands of monstersets on my hard drive, but very few charsets of said monsters. I have looked through the resources of many websites, but the monster charset selection seems pretty poor. Do you have any suggestions? Maybe you know of a website that has a good selection of RM2K(3) charsets that look good and are of monsters.
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