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Something something I wish I was made of leeches.

Im quite addicted to Magic the Gathering. As such, I have no money.
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[Script Help VXACE] More than one subclass in Yanfly Ace Class System


Im looking for an extension or edit for the above class system that will let characters have more than one subclass. (Namely, two.)

Thanks for any help.

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you: myself. I am back.

Its been a while. I made a new account a while back cause i couldn't remember the password on this, or the email address I used. Turns out it was almost the same as the password i had on said new account. Hmm.

Anyway im back. And i suppose i now have to decide which account to abandon, this one, or the other one, which has a preferred name instead of gibberish. Such is life. Also i have two accounts at the moment i guess, so this means whoever the current mods are, they will attempt to destroy me. I'm sorry. Please don't hurt me.


Edit: 1839 notices.

[Request] [ACE]Script request: Quest Log

Are there any quest log scripts for ace yet? I havnt been able to find one.. But does anyone plan to make one, or know of one being made?

[Request] Im looking for a script. (RMVX ACE)

Would anyone be able to make a script that I need? Basically I want to be able to add an extra stat (might) to weapons (via the notebox in the weapon database), and use that stat in attack algorithms. I don't need the stat to show up anywhere else or do anything else, as long as it can be used in the skill damage algorithms.


Make an Interactive Fiction challenge!!!

New topic from Welp Welp.

Is anyone interested in an Interactive Fiction game making competition thingie?

Inform 7 is very easy to write games in.

Its basically written in english. :P

If anyone is interested, please say so in this thread. (Dont have to use Inform 7, can be any program that results in a text based game.)


The theme is... Zombie Politics! (Follow it as loosely as you want. idc)

2 week time limit, starting from Thursday the 26th of April. Ends May 10.

Entries will be voted on by RMN.

Prizes: I dunno. A general sense of awesomeness?

Game must be text based, static images are aloud, music is aloud.
Software required to run the game must be available for free, and you should give a link to it.
Theme will be revealed on the day, or possibly the day before it starts.
Inform 7 is a good language to write in, as a simple game is similar to actually righting a regular story.
You can get it here.
Teams would be aloud i suppose.

ldida1 (I want to make one too!!! :P)
iddalai (Maybe)

Post here if you want to take part!

Inform 7 (Interactive Fiction)

I was thinking we should so have an interactive fiction writing competition. It would be fun.
Writing an IF game with Inform 7 is relatively easy (compared to writing a game in Assembly. :P). I would be willing to organise it I suppose. Of course by organise it I mean make a new topic saying: You has one week. The theme is ____. Maek Gaems! Would anyone be interested in something of the sort?

So umm, guys. I want words under my avi.

I really want words under my avi. Dont give a shit what they say. I just feel really left out... ):

So yeah, what can i do to get them words? If i buy Ace through RMNs site thingie...? (When i obtain money... 0.0)

Or if i just be really awesome or something?


Pwease mods?

RMVX script help. As usual. This time: Enemy Levels.

OK, i need a new enemy level script. Or an update to the melody one, for one of my side projects.

I dont want enemy levels to be affected by the parties levels or anything like that. I want different areas to have different 'levels', so, say when the player enters "The magical forest of overly magic gnomes", i change a variable to 12, and all enemies are now level 12. Then the player moves to "the aptly named desert", i change the variable to 15, and well. Yeah. That was too much explanation for a simple thing.

It would be great (but not neccesery) if the script was compatible with battle engine melody.

So if anyone knows of a script that can do this, or is willing to make one, that would be great.

EDIT: Another script i need.

A script that gives all actors EXP, even if there not in the party at the time of the fight (and even if they are Dead).
I cant seem to find one, but i think i remember having a script that could do this ages ago... ):


I need help with Yanfly engine melody

Neither the built in "Slip damage" Function, nor <hp degen: x> or <hp degen: x%> work.
Battle Engine melody is in Active Time Battle mode.

The scripts im using are:

Modern Algebras multiple parties script
YEM Core fixes
YEM Custom Message
Yem Equipment Overhaul
YEM Item Overhaul
YEM Status Menu Melody
YEM battle engine melody (part 1-5)
YEM new battle stats
YEM Debug menu
YEM Iconview
YEM Icon Library

Arranged in that order.

Thanks for any help.


Ok, im a big nintendo fan, and i wanted you guys opinion on the 3DS.

Im thinking of importing one from the USA ($100 cheaper...) and wanted to know, who here has one, and is it worth getting.

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