LOLninja the game

Haha, of course. If I recall correctly, it was made with rm2k3 powermode. Built to easily create new levels.

Quite amusing to see a movie of someone figuring out the game after such a long time.

LOLninja the game Review

Haha, nice review. I agree with so many things you say, including the criticism. I'm glad you enjoyed it. And yes, it was time to move on. I have managed to cast off the chains (they were there indeed) and started developing in as3 and later js, though no games like this have come from it yet.

LOLninja the game

Alright. I created a walkthrough/speedrun set of videos and added it in the game description. Seems like you were looking in the right direction, but err... didn't try hard enough at the right place.

1 Save File in RPG Maker 2003

It can have some advantages. I'm playing Fable 2 atm and that game also has 1 save per game. Considering the game is all about left or right decisions, this limitation makes you think about your decisions a bit better.

LOLninja the game

What stage caused you lag? I have a pretty old laptop and the game is running fine for me.

Tutorials, learning and hand-holding

Reminds me of this slideshow, it tells the same story but elaborates further.

I played TLOZ Spirit Tracks and realized that the dungeon design was actually one big 'tutorial' for the new skill you get in that dungeon.

I used the idea in my own game. But yeah, this all regards to action games.

In classic turn-based RPG battles, it might be less obvious what is expected of you. But I believe that using text is not the problem. You need to leave stuff for the player to find out, in an environment that reflect the rules of the game, and allows the player to experiment. I can imagine that draining HP/MP and unclear, varying enemey weaknesses is a less-than-ideal environment to try to figure out a weakness.


Thank you, I'm flattered :)

LOLninja the game

There are several others?

I was already looking if there were games with a similar idea as mine, but I was looking for platformers. I guess I was looking in the wrong direction.


Right, I never fixed the tree graphic.

With downward slopes, you actually fall down. As such, you are often not on the floor and thus cannot jump. I understand how it can look glitchy. A small consolidation is that to my knowledge, I did not ever use slopes where large jumps were necessary.

You have to enter small rooms and re-enter the 'shuriken' room several times (the one with the shuriken in the center, right?). The first time is top-left. I guess I never properly explained or hinted it, but you get extra air from jumping against the cogwheels. The second time is partially through the center circles, to the bottom right. That is enough, but from there you can continue puzzling for the scroll in the room.

Perhaps I should make a video walkthrough...

Is expansive too expansive?

I think a good first question to ask yourself is what space experience you want to go for, and then design the space of the galaxy accordingly. I also believe that depending on the travel system, long travels can be interesting.

Mass Effect 2/3 is pretty much instant-warp to the destination of your choice. The galaxy is big, but the traveling itself was near-effortless. Personally I preferred the bit of aimless wandering in ME1 on the planet. I've also once played a space game where it seemed you could fly your ship in one direction forever, and occasionally fly past a new planet or meteor. It gave a strong sense of desolation... which could be part of the space experience you want.

I can also imagine that the space between two destinations can be riddled with challenges, such as gravity pulls of large planets, meteorite storms, hostile space pirates... which is a more action-oriented approach to the same space between destinations. I imagine this space to be as big as the designed challenges on the road require it.

New battle system Idea

I think showing the work you already have (animations/sprites/maps) is going to help your case. As well as telling in what game making program you're making it in.

Also, embedding reasonably sized images would help readability.

No, I'm not interested.
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