Mouth Sweet
Retro horror RPG with tense combat. Shoot the invisible enemies before they reach you!




I played a little bit and I like it so far!! Stylish and strange!

January 2018 Misao (im)Possibles

Rxcovery can't be nominated, but I don't know why. The download checks out as this year, so???
Edit: May have edited download, instead of submitting a new one. Date updated, but not in system because edits don't register?????
EditEdit: I just realized that if the game was updated from last year that it might not be eligible anyways. This one might need to personally check out what happened.

Hi and hello, I completed Rxcovery in December 2017 and every new download since has been bug fixes, so I don't think it's eligible.

Which makes me sad, because I think I made a pretty unique game and I was feeling overlooked!! That's life I suppose ;.;

Rxcovery Tips

Haas is the secret character! He's only "secret" in that you find him behind a wall, like a number of other characters. He doesn't come equipped with the aforementioned spell, though - you have to use him in battle and he'll learn it eventually!


Thanks!! Trying to test everything by myself is foolhardy anyway


I really do want to make a "deluxe" version of this game, with an extended soundtrack and extra dungeons and stuff, but we'll see. I have another project I want to do first, and I rarely do the same game twice.

Thanks so much for playing! I'm glad the game is so playable lol


There is a machine like that! It's well-hidden, though, and not in the beginning. ;D

And yeah, Throw and a lot of other skills are super-unbalanced... I'm not sure if I want to go back and totally re-balance the game, or just give up and do better in the next game.

Thanks so much for giving this a try!!


I played for a full 30 minute session the other day, and it was pretty fun:

the "leveling" mechanics are implemented pretty well, and the characters designs are pretty interesting. The setting has a strange but capitivating atomosphere that has me intrigued to progress further.

when I'm finished, I might crank out a review!

Thanks so much for playing!! I'm glad you're enjoying it! :D


After reading the features it just goes from wow, to wow, to even more wow. xD I gotta try this!~

I hope you do! :>


Cute graphics. I like the concept art, too.

Thanks!! :D

Love is Dead Review

And if anyone's interested in the solutions to my very poorly-designed secret puzzles...

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