Dealing with NPC crowds

Well, one simple way to reduce the workload is being a tad realistic and just have a bunch of them ignore the player character's attempt to talk to them. As in, have the game say that they are ignoring you (rather than nothing happening). Then copy and paste that throughout the area, switching up the character graphic.

[Poll] How Much “Planning” Or “Prepping” Do You Do Before Starting Your Game(s)?

I do most of the concepts before I start. I can get quite comprehensive. For resources, I get together what I need in order to go ham on developing it. The important graphics and programs, basically.

So, somewhere between the first and second choice. Certainly not near everything, but well beyond just to know what I'm doing.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

I'm at the beginning of programming a battle system. Recently decided to make some significant changes to the system to simplify a lot of the details (mainly the progression system) and add considerably more strategic depth.

Making my own tileset, need ideas

Food stands
Construction work/items for it
Outside dining areas for restaurants
Street-side shrubbery
Mannequins for clothing shops
Signs outside stores to advertise

[Poll] Power Rangers

Man, I loved that as a kid. Sadly, I remember very little of it.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

Making some basic battle graphics so I can start coding my battle system next week. Proving hard to get the feel right

Start with story or start with world?

I agree on the core idea. Though I suppose I generally don't think of it as a part of this process since the core idea should be linked as the starting point for a lot more than just story. Guess I just figured that part was a given, lol.

Start with story or start with world?

I'd still say the world comes before the characters. Try to do things in the order creation would actually make them in, basically. The world was there before the characters, and the characters were there before there could be a story.

What I'm saying is more that as you develop the characters, what the world will be often becomes much clearer. Rather than diving in with the idea of creating a world, using characters to spawn ideas of a world for them tends to work better for me. If you can make a whole world and lore from scratch without just copying a bunch of other sources, then all to that method then.

Start with story or start with world?

How about characters? Make good characters, use them to determine how your world will be, then use both of those to determine how the story goes.

What do you like in a turn based battle system?

I like strategy that doesn't feel like its a puzzle where only one or two pieces fits the hole. My general approach on strategy is to give the player a bunch of options (none of which are required to win), a number of variables to consider, and a great enough challenge (on bosses at least) that at a decent level, teamwork among the party is key in order to make your battling effective enough to win. Strategy is at its best when you are putting together a puzzle of your own design and find it turns out great.
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